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Kamisama Dolls 04 – Helma

Oh, ho. I'm totally not drawing attention by having a wet Hibino as the opening shot.

「ヘルマ」 (Heruma)

Kamisama Dolls this week was somewhat interesting. What I like Kamisama Dolls is how the story is always progressing well with each episode, especially when masked by irrelevant scenes and portions like last episode. Read the rest of this entry

KamiMemo 03 – What I Can Do For Those Two


「僕が二人にできること」 (Boku ga Futari ni Dekiru Koto)
“What I Can Do For Those Two”

My this is going to be a short post, even though it’s supposed to cover for last episode two. I basicaly wanted to wait until this particular case was over before I started writing anything. However, I cannot remember much from this episode or the last. Mainly because it’s been a while, but mostly because I couldn’t give a flying f*** about this case in particular. Read the rest of this entry

[3L Pro] Battalion [SONG]

And once again I’m out with another new song. I had a bit of a musician’s block and then I came up with this last night. I just listened to this over some Kingdom Hearts II battle footage. Totally fits. I present to you “Battalion”.


Sacred Seven 04 – Demon of the School Fair

Don't be fooled, nothing of importance really happened.

「学園祭のオニ」 (Gakuensai no Oni)
“Demon of the School Fair”

As soon as the episode started, I already started to get filler vibes. But then I thought, “Nah, Sacred Seven would go all filler on us on just Episode 4, would it?” Unforunately that was the case here. Nothing important actually happened. Well, I suppose there are a few things, otherwise there wouldn’t be much point of this post. Read the rest of this entry

Mayo Chiki 03 – On The Bed, Naturally

Subaru means business.

「もちろん、ベッドの上で」 (Mochiron, Beddo no Ue de)
“On The Bed, Naturally”

This episode was an slightly interesting one. Mayo Chiki is prone to being a generic romantic comedy in many different ways, but there are still a few things that keep it interesting. For instance, today we had what seemed to be the obligatory beach episode, but to me it didn’t feel like a beach episode. Mainly because there wasn’t much in the way of fanservice. No one had oversized boobs or anything to flaunt about, but rather it dealt with a bit of backstory on Subaru’s part. Read the rest of this entry

Kamisama Dolls 03 – The Attacker Is…

I swear, this is probably just about the most interesting screencap I took to use as an opening image.

「攻め来たるは・・・」 (Semekitaru wa…)
“The Attacker Is…”

I was watching this episode with my best friend, and I spent most of the episode figuring out the purpose of this episode was, what it was trying to achieve and what I was supposed to get out of it. I mean, when the entire first half of the episode is filled with shenagnigans involving cake and other semi-unrelated mumbo-jumbo, you begin to wonder what on earth is going on here. Read the rest of this entry

[3L Pro] Arms of Genesis [SONG]

Yay, new song! I spent two nights on this song. Composed in a 6/8 time signature, it was something I’ve never done before. Also I composed this in a full orchestral sound which is something I haven’t done in a long while. Remembering from what one of my college teachers taught me, I learned the traditional setup of an orchestra and where the instruments are placed, and then I reflected that in the way I mixed down the song. But enough of speaking, here is the song with a download link below.


Sacred Seven 03 – Crazy Knight

So, some good action happened this episode. I guess everyone's been waiting for that.

「クレイジーナイト」 (Kureijii Naito)
“Crazy Night”

I’m not sure how I feel about this episode, I dunno. I felt like not much happened when clearly a lot happened. Maybe it was the whole “I didn’t get what I came for but I have a new target.” cliffhanger was pretty lame and it left me rather disappointed. But now as I recall the episode, (because I only ever really watch an episode ONCE before I blog it), I believe we did reach a new level of progress in terms of plot. So let’s run down through what this episode gave us. Read the rest of this entry

Mayo Chiki! 02 – I’m In Love!

They actually do make a cute couple. No lie. Maybe PuriKura brings out the best in all of us.

「大好きになっちゃった!」 (Daisuki ni Nacchatta!)
“I’ve Fallen in Love!”

Another overdue post. I was gonna leave this until tomorrow, but then I thought let me just get it out of the way. I don’t even know how I would go about blogging a romantic comedy such as this, but let’s see what this episode brought us. Read the rest of this entry

Dantalian no Shoka 01 – Pop-Up Book [First Impressions]

The Mystical Archives of Dantalian

「仕掛け絵本」 (Shikake Ehon)
“Pop-Up Book”

Overdue first impression post and it’s about time this show came out. We have a another mystery light-novel adapation here with GAINAX heading the animation. Yeah, GAINAX. When I look at GAINAX’s track record, it makes me think that GAINAX usually doesn’t take on such material such as this. Anyway, with that said here are my first impressions on the show. Read the rest of this entry