Kamisama Dolls 03 – The Attacker Is…

I swear, this is probably just about the most interesting screencap I took to use as an opening image.

「攻め来たるは・・・」 (Semekitaru wa…)
“The Attacker Is…”

I was watching this episode with my best friend, and I spent most of the episode figuring out the purpose of this episode was, what it was trying to achieve and what I was supposed to get out of it. I mean, when the entire first half of the episode is filled with shenagnigans involving cake and other semi-unrelated mumbo-jumbo, you begin to wonder what on earth is going on here.

Everyone is having a good ol' time.

Ranting Continued, Cake and Utao’s Enemy?

My friend and I also noticed the significantly poor animation values in this episode when compare to the last one. My friend noted that at one point Utao’s hands looked like webbed feet. Then there’s Hibino’s boobs. I know  keep mentioning them, but I seriously mean it when I say most of my screen caps are various shots of Hibino’s rack. I found it hilarious when they put Hibino and Suou together just to emphasize just how big her boobs are.

Enough of the ranting for now, I have make mention of the first half of the episode, which I won’t lie, was kind of endearing. It was a surprise to see Suou come back in the first place, although she kinda did make quite an impression in the first episode so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see her popping up every now and then throughout the series. Utao was given special screentime just to flaunt how cute she can be with messing up waiting tables to getting angry at Suou to even getting paranoid about her own weight due to eating cake too much.

Hibino takes Utao out to the park or something where she takes the time to do a bit of training using Kukuri to lunge a car out of the water. Also a suspicious character seems to have appeared who bears a more masculine resemblance to Utao. This kid causes a truck driver to swerve out of control, driving off a bridge right on top of Hibino and Utao. As expected we had Utao use Kukuri to stop it from crushing anyone. It’s that posture of confidence that makes our little suspicious kid note out loud that she’s improved.

Utao is awarded with a brofist shortly afterwards.

Couldn't tell if he was angry or just blushing.

The Past Is Pretty Important

The show keeps making a significant point about whatever happened in the past regarding Kyohei and Aki. If anyone is watching this show for the fights then they can GTFO because this show isn’t about fights or anything about that. Heck, the main character hasn’t any means of fighting…yet. Things didn’t start kicking up until the latter half of the show when Aki showed up and started provoking Kyoyhei to show his true colours which is kind of what he was hinted at doing in his confrontation with him in the last episode. They are rudely interrupted by another leather wearing dude named Koushiro Hyuga who also appears to be from the village since he can control a Doll too, which he is seen using to take out Aki.

Interestingly, the fight involves Kuuko into the mix as she’s once again witness to another Doll event. When she saw Aki beaten up on the ground the first thing I thought was that she was gonna take him in, treat his injuries and blah blah blah, but then later on I imagined that she’s going to question the hell out of Aki. Given Aki’s personality I wonder how that’ll work out. We were left with a pretty interesting cliffhanger, if you can call it that. I tend to keep forgetting about the episode previews this show has.


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