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FREEZING Special #1 [NSFW]

It's Freezing. It's a BD Special. The NSFW tag is there for a reason.

The final episode of Freezing has been moved to April 7th. So in the meantime, enjoy a bit of fanservice. More after the break. Read the rest of this entry

Freezing 08 – Pandora Queen [NSFW]

Pandora Queen

Just so you know, none of this happens in the manga, which means it’s an anime-original episode. In the manga, we’re treated to a nice little date with Kazuya and Satella at an amusement park. BUT NO. The producers’ are all about the fan-service. Why else would people buy the DVD/BDs? So we’ve got the prom, and then we’ve got the Pandora Queen contest where people vote for the most attractive Pandora on campus.

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Freezing 02 – Pandora Mode [NSFW]

Ever notice how that large sum of text is actually full-blown synopsis for the episode?

「Pandora Mode」

SATERAIZAA ERU BURIJETTOO!!!! Ahem. I find myself comparing this show to the manga a lot, so I was rather disappointed by a few changes made for the anime. Other than that, this episode followed the manga from the last half of Chapter 1 to Chapter 2. In any case, I fear for where this series will take us and whether or not Freezing will be full of high-school drama and that’s it. Freezing’s only getting 12 episodes, and I know for sure it’s gonna hit into Volume 2 of the manga since that’s where Lana is introduced. However, the main bad guys here are the Novas, and the Nova arc is like…Volume 5 or something. So either the anime goes through events fast or we get an anime-original ending and will probably end with one Nova fight at the end of the series. A post over at Just As Planned will tell you where the anime will most likely go according the manga, and the differences between the two.

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Hyakkaryouran: Samurai Girls 04 – Yukimura Fanservice

Well now. This is just...

With a show like this, how could you not expect one silly episode to provide the fans with fanservice? This episode was all about Yukimura.

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