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Mayo Chiki! 11 – Nyu!

Um. Yeah...

「にゅ!」 (Nyu!)

Hmm. Yeah, this episode was all over the place. I’m not even gonna do a full writing for this episode . I’m saving that for the last episode. (I actually haven’t got the time, either.) However, I did get what I wanted: for the story to shift back to Jirou and Subaru but even then, I was still disappointed? Am I a hard person to please? No. I’ve pretty much don’t have much patience with this show, as I feel like I won’t be getting anything out of it at the end.

The only actual thing of note that happened in this episode is that Konoe was relieved of her butler status, not because people found out she was a girl, but because she failed to protect Kanade when she fell down the stairs. I MEAN, REALLY. OH PLEASE.

Mayo Chiki! 10 – Let’s Dig In!

I'm ready for this.

「いっただっきまーす」 (Ittadakkimaasu)
“Let’s Dig In!”

Before I watched this episode, my girlfriend told me that this episode was a girly one. I had no idea what she meant by that, so I proceeded to watch the episode with curiosity. At the end of the episode, I felt…weird. This episode was hanging in the balance between entertaining and plain disappointing. Read the rest of this entry

Mayo Chiki! 09 – A Quick Trip

Yep, this was a maid episode.

「しばらく旅に出ます」 (Shibaraku Tabini Demasu)
“A Quick Trip”

Regrettably, Mayo Chiki! is starting to lose its heat for me. The fact that I literally skimmed through the last episode is a testament to that. However, for some reason, I kept at this episode. And I don’t even think it was because of the abundance of maids this week. Read the rest of this entry

Mayo Chiki! 06 – Let’s Start a War!

Jirou's rollin' with the girls.

「戦争を始めましょう」 (Sensou wo Hajimemashou)
“Let’s Start a War”

I’ve been rather busy lately, so I had to make the last Kamisama Dolls post a really short one, so that I don’t build up a backlog. I watched this episode on the Friday it came out, but I must’ve not watched all of it, because I was looking at some screenshots and I saw stuff I didn’t remember. Frankly, those scenes were at the end and I’m not too bothered to go back and watch that. This episode catered a little bit to those in need of a bit of fanservice, really. Read the rest of this entry

Mayo Chiki! 05 – Go Out With Me

Subaru Gut Punch was GLORIOUS.

「アタシと付き合いなさい」 (Atashi to Sukiainasai)
“Go Out With Me”

Man, these London Riots have been messing up my anime scehdule. Not that I’ve been out rioting/looting, but I’m getting distracted and keep monitoring what’s going on. The rioters hit my side of town today, so I had to stay on point the entire day, really. ANYWAY, enough about the London Riots. I have an anime to talk about. Read the rest of this entry

Mayo Chiki! 04 – Stop Staring At Me

Maid vs Butler!

「あんまりジロジロみるな・・・」 (Amari Jirojiro Miru na…)
“Stop Staring So Much…”

Lately, the only times I have been able to watch anime is after midnight due to the situation I’m in right now. I can only really use my younger brother’s laptop around this time since he’s on it during the day. Because of this, I find my opinions of an episode negatively affected sometimes. So initially, I thought this episode was lacking. Read the rest of this entry

Mayo Chiki 03 – On The Bed, Naturally

Subaru means business.

「もちろん、ベッドの上で」 (Mochiron, Beddo no Ue de)
“On The Bed, Naturally”

This episode was an slightly interesting one. Mayo Chiki is prone to being a generic romantic comedy in many different ways, but there are still a few things that keep it interesting. For instance, today we had what seemed to be the obligatory beach episode, but to me it didn’t feel like a beach episode. Mainly because there wasn’t much in the way of fanservice. No one had oversized boobs or anything to flaunt about, but rather it dealt with a bit of backstory on Subaru’s part. Read the rest of this entry

Mayo Chiki! 02 – I’m In Love!

They actually do make a cute couple. No lie. Maybe PuriKura brings out the best in all of us.

「大好きになっちゃった!」 (Daisuki ni Nacchatta!)
“I’ve Fallen in Love!”

Another overdue post. I was gonna leave this until tomorrow, but then I thought let me just get it out of the way. I don’t even know how I would go about blogging a romantic comedy such as this, but let’s see what this episode brought us. Read the rest of this entry

Mayo Chiki! 01 – End of Earth

As you can probably tell, mayhem is about to go down.

「エンド・オブ・アース」 (Endo obu Aasu)
“End of Earth”

Apart from Dantalian no Shoka, I believe this is the last of the shows I’ll be writing a post on. I’ll be semi-blogging this, because a friend of mine (not AmaiRamune) is supposed to be covering this show, but I don’t know if he’s watched it and he tends to forget a lot. That said, I watched this on Friday, and I found it pretty entertaining. Looks great and sounds great. I also believe this is the only comedy show that I’m following this season. Read the rest of this entry