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Star Driver 25 – Our Apprivoise [END]

Our Apprivoise

「僕たちのアプリボワゼ」 (Boku-tachi no Apuribowaze)
“Our Apprivoise”

Wow, this series finale was certainly something to remember. Yet, something didn’t seem right with the way it all ended. This episode more or less re-inforced the fact that Head is one big troll. Read the rest of this entry

Star Driver 21 – Libido Coming of Age


Libido Coming of Age

「リビドーなお年頃」 (Ribidoo na Otoshigoro)
“Libido Coming of Age”

My, oh my did a lot happen these past few episodes. This episode served as a sort of test run for the new Overphase system that the Science Guild has been working on. Also, while Needle Star may have turned on Camel Star last episode, it doesn’t exactly mean, she’s switched sides. She was just concerned about Madoka having no access to her broken Cybody as Camel Star is trying to take out Wako, the South Maiden. As you saw, Needle Star challenged Takuto to another fight, only to be TAU MISAIRU’D again. There’s a few things I should talk about.

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Star Driver 17 – Vanishing Age


Vanishing Age

「バニシングエージ」 (Banishingu Eeji)
“Vanishing Age”

I’m not in the best of moods today. Whether or not that’ll reflect in my writing, we’ll see. However, I’m not gonna go too much into this episode even though it was filled to the brim with FABULOUS. So, Head is a fucking troll. Not only did he play a coup d’etat card, but he made his own Vanishing Age group the only people that really matter as well as destroying the cybercasket.

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Star Driver 16 – Takuto’s Mark

Takuto's Mark

「タクトのシルシ」 (Takuto no Shirushi)
“Takuto’s Mark”

This house is FREEZING and my hands are incredibly cold. But I’m gonna try and write this. So, I really liked this episode and it was fairly spectacular to watch. A few truths were revealed and this episode more or less ended the Mizuno arc.

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Star Driver 15 – Maidens of the Seals

The Maidens of the Seals

「封印の巫女」 (Fuin no Miko)
“The Maiden of the Seal”

Well, this was quite an interesting episode. What set this episode apart from the others is that there was no weekly apprivoising. This episode was just solely PLOT. A few revelations were made too, and there was a lot more development as the episode focused a lot on Mizuno this week.

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Star Driver 14 – Ayingott’s Eyes

Ayingott's Eyes

「アインゴットの眼」 (Aingotto no Me)
“Ayingott’s Eyes”

Marking the mid-way point in the series we are presented with a new OP and ED. I’ll give my thoughts on those in a bit. What I do wanna say though is that this episode was a true turning point in the series. The episode felt like that one big boss you have to fight once you reach halfway through an RPG. That’s what it felt like. Shit just got real, man. I have to admit that there wasn’t really much going on in this episode over than a few revelations, so I’ll give this a quick run-through (mainly so I can finish my rounds of blog posts for this week). Read the rest of this entry

Star Driver 13 – The Red Sword In Love

The Red Sword in Love.

This episode was rather interesting and gave us a bit of backstory behind Benio. While I have to say that I think this show is becoming some sort of sly harem, what with the amount of females Takuto’s involved with. I’m also aware I’m a bit late with this post, but since a few shows (including this one) took a break for the New Year period, I thought I’d take it easy and post this a bit later, but before the next episode airs. Read the rest of this entry

Star Driver 12 – WITH A PUNCH!!

Awesome was to be had in this episode.

This episode was quite delightful because it focused on Kanako a bit and it really made appreciate and understand her character a bit more other than seeing her as the class whore. Read the rest of this entry

Star Driver 08 – Takuto vs Sugata


Takuto is really flimsy with his punches.


I’m aware that Star Driver 09 came out just now, but this episode is really good, and I just wanna right about it quickly. I have the 9th episode downloading as I speak. So this is the episode I’ve been waiting for. A showdown between Takuto and Sugata. Read the rest of this entry

Star Driver 06 – Turning Point

What's HER problem?

Is it me, or are all the 6th episodes of each of the new fall anime just really good. Man Star Driver was really good this week. The first half of the episode was pretty normal. Takuto and Wako went out shopping in town for some stuff, and they generally had a good time. When they finally settled down at the café, Wako began talking about Sugata. We find out that he is able to apprivoise. There are 3 kinds of Cybodies. The ones Takuto and the others apprivoise are Warrior Cybodies. The ones Wako apprivoise are Maiden Cybodies. The ones Sugata can apprivoise are King Cybodies. However, whilst he CAN apprivoise, he SHOULDN’T because everybody who has apprivoised a King Cybody has fallen into a deep sleep and have never been awakened. Read the rest of this entry