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FREEZING Special #1 [NSFW]

It's Freezing. It's a BD Special. The NSFW tag is there for a reason.

The final episode of Freezing has been moved to April 7th. So in the meantime, enjoy a bit of fanservice. More after the break. Read the rest of this entry

Freezing 08 – Pandora Queen [NSFW]

Pandora Queen

Just so you know, none of this happens in the manga, which means it’s an anime-original episode. In the manga, we’re treated to a nice little date with Kazuya and Satella at an amusement park. BUT NO. The producers’ are all about the fan-service. Why else would people buy the DVD/BDs? So we’ve got the prom, and then we’ve got the Pandora Queen contest where people vote for the most attractive Pandora on campus.

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Freezing 01 – The Untouchable Queen [NSFW]

Welcome to the world of Freezing.

「Untouchable Queen」

Yes, that [NSFW] is there for a reason. To my surprise, this show was broadcast uncensored, meaning that there is nudity. I personally hate censoring, but this still came to a bit of a surprise. In any case, after hearing that Freezing was getting an anime adaption, I decided to take a sneak peak at the manga to see it was about. I ended up reading til the end of the 4th volume. I enjoyed reading what I read of the manga, and I was ready for this show. Freezing is sexy, epic, and BRUTAL. Still, I was rather disappointed by the first episode, but only as a reader of the manga. As an episode, it wasn’t all that bad. Also for some reason, this was broadcast in 4:3 aspect ratio whilst the OP and ED retained in 16:9 aspect ratio with a letterboxed cropping. I gotta say, after watching so many things in 16:9, watching this 4:3 felt a little off. Notable voice talents in this are Mamiko Noto who’s playing Bridgette, Nobuhiko Okamoto who’s playing Arthur, and Eri Kitamura who’s playing Ganessa. Read the rest of this entry