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FREEZING 12 – Satellizer vs Pandora [END]

Satellizer vs Pandora

I think the finale to FREEZING was rather decent. Like Yumekui Merry, this was another finale that I watched on my huge widescreen TV. I’m glad Cathy wasn’t the final boss of the show, otherwise that would have been disappointing. Other than Satella settling an old fight, I don’t see why the fight with Cathy was so prominent. Read the rest of this entry

Freezing 08 – Pandora Queen [NSFW]

Pandora Queen

Just so you know, none of this happens in the manga, which means it’s an anime-original episode. In the manga, we’re treated to a nice little date with Kazuya and Satella at an amusement park. BUT NO. The producers’ are all about the fan-service. Why else would people buy the DVD/BDs? So we’ve got the prom, and then we’ve got the Pandora Queen contest where people vote for the most attractive Pandora on campus.

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Freezing 06 – Machination




I totally wanna do an “In A Nutshell” post for this because man, I didn’t realize how busy I’m getting until now. But I have to at least say something about Rana and Satella.

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Freezing 05 – She Is Rana Linchen [NSFW]


She Is Rana Linchen

「She is Rana Linchen」


RANA RANA RANA! So this episode introduces us to a new character named Rana. As expected, events in this episode play out differently from the manga. What went down is that they condensed 3 chapters of the manga into one episode so a lot of things were changed. Shame really, because the events in the manga were better than what was in this episode, but alas, this is only a one cour show.

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Yumekui Merry 04 – Dream Eater Merry

Dream Eater Merry

「夢喰いメリー」 (Yumekui Merry)
“Dreameater Merry”

Last week I was hoping that JC Staff would wrap up the last two chapters of Volume 1 of the manga in one episode and that’s exactly what they did today. I’m glad the manga has resumed scanlation so I can read ahead, and Chapter 6 was my favourite Chapter in that volume (and so far). At first I thought Chizuru was just a character that was introduced that should not have been introduced yet. But as I read more of the manga, the more I begin to assume she’s an anime-exclusive character, or something. The same goes for Yumi, though, whether or not we’ll actually see her again hangs in question.

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Freezing 03 – In A Large Nutshell [NSFW]

Episode 3: Accel Turn

I’ve been really busy with my college work and getting ready my Final Major Project for my Music Technology course in college that I’ve been falling behind on my posts. So, here’s just the episode in a nutshell.

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Freezing 02 – Pandora Mode [NSFW]

Ever notice how that large sum of text is actually full-blown synopsis for the episode?

「Pandora Mode」

SATERAIZAA ERU BURIJETTOO!!!! Ahem. I find myself comparing this show to the manga a lot, so I was rather disappointed by a few changes made for the anime. Other than that, this episode followed the manga from the last half of Chapter 1 to Chapter 2. In any case, I fear for where this series will take us and whether or not Freezing will be full of high-school drama and that’s it. Freezing’s only getting 12 episodes, and I know for sure it’s gonna hit into Volume 2 of the manga since that’s where Lana is introduced. However, the main bad guys here are the Novas, and the Nova arc is like…Volume 5 or something. So either the anime goes through events fast or we get an anime-original ending and will probably end with one Nova fight at the end of the series. A post over at Just As Planned will tell you where the anime will most likely go according the manga, and the differences between the two.

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Yumekui Merry 02 – Of Dreams and Hopes


Of Dreams and Hopes

「夢もキボーも」 (Yume mo Kibou mo)
“Dreams and Hopes”

Well, Episode 2 of Yumekui Merry is out and I had quite a few expectations for this episode after reading the next few chapters of the manga after the first episode. This episode didn’t have much going on, but progress was made and there was development. The episode is called Dreams and Hopes which is the same name of Chapter 2 of the manga, yet nothing in this episode happens in Chapter of the manga, but in Chapter 3 titled Only A Dream. In any case, there were a few things I picked up from the plot by comparing this episode to the manga. There were a couple of new bits, bits that didn’t happen in the manga, but I can imagine that this was due to the fact that not much happened in that chapter and needed to fill the gap. With all respect, more or less everything (with minor changes) in that chapter was shown in this episode.

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Freezing 01 – The Untouchable Queen [NSFW]

Welcome to the world of Freezing.

「Untouchable Queen」

Yes, that [NSFW] is there for a reason. To my surprise, this show was broadcast uncensored, meaning that there is nudity. I personally hate censoring, but this still came to a bit of a surprise. In any case, after hearing that Freezing was getting an anime adaption, I decided to take a sneak peak at the manga to see it was about. I ended up reading til the end of the 4th volume. I enjoyed reading what I read of the manga, and I was ready for this show. Freezing is sexy, epic, and BRUTAL. Still, I was rather disappointed by the first episode, but only as a reader of the manga. As an episode, it wasn’t all that bad. Also for some reason, this was broadcast in 4:3 aspect ratio whilst the OP and ED retained in 16:9 aspect ratio with a letterboxed cropping. I gotta say, after watching so many things in 16:9, watching this 4:3 felt a little off. Notable voice talents in this are Mamiko Noto who’s playing Bridgette, Nobuhiko Okamoto who’s playing Arthur, and Eri Kitamura who’s playing Ganessa. Read the rest of this entry

God Only Knows 03 – I’ve Got Nothing

I've seriously got nothing.

The World God Only Knows is too long, so I’m just calling it God Only Knows. The screencap above seems to agree with me. So, in short this anime is about a high-school student called Keima who is a self-proclaimed dating-sim god. He is always seen with his PFP playing some sort of dating-simulator. When he receives a challenge about capturing girls (i.e. getting the girl to fall in love with the player in the dating-sim), he accepts and then a demon girl named Elsea appears outta nowhere and proposes a task in which he cannot back out of, otherwise they both die. He must free the loose evil spirits that have taken residence inside girls’ hearts. The only way to drive the spirits out is to get the girl to fall in love with him. So basically, he must apply what he has learned in his dating-sim games to work in real life. And they say video games are pointless.

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