Freezing 06 – Machination




I totally wanna do an “In A Nutshell” post for this because man, I didn’t realize how busy I’m getting until now. But I have to at least say something about Rana and Satella.

In A Nutshell – Kazuya Is A Tool


Oi oi...




Like a little bitch.



Rana vs Satella

It was coming. It was totally coming, but before that, the episode decides to show us how awesome Rana can be, as she’s able to best Ganessa Roland in battle. I just love Rana for being a melee combatant using her Shinen Nova Weapon to take out opponents with impressive efficiency. Of course, Rana is the cheerful, bubbly type, so she wouldn’t pick a fight with Satella without a good reason to. And in comes third year, Atia to stir things up by creating a huge misunderstanding about Satella for Rana to eat up. The battle had to be THE best fight in this show so far. We’ve already seen what Satella can do, except for the fact that she can do Double Accel Turn which ended up tearing Rana apart (her clothes, mind you). But Rana showed her who’s boss by activating  her Kaimon Hakkyoken (開門八極拳 = open gate eight extreme fists) ability along her two uses moves such as Kuuga (空牙 = Void Fang) and Enga (炎牙 = Blazing Fang) to finish Satella off. The fight was almost one-sided, though Satella mananged to pull off a HYPERKNEE!!






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