Kami-sama Dolls 01 – A God Arrives [First Impressions]

Kamisama Dolls.

Kami-sama Dolls.

「神は来たりて」 (Kami wa Kitarite)
“God Arrives”

I went and watched the first episode of Kami-sama Dolls, since it was on my Watching list. Given that I was extremely tired and I was watching it at around 3am last night, I realize I had little to no patience for most of what went on in the episode. So I decided to give the episode a quick rewatch. Most of my opinons stayed the same, but the episode was a little better than I first made it out to be.

At least shit got real in this episode fast.

First Impressions

Even though I did do a little reading on this show beforehand, I still didn’t know what to expect from this show. First off let me start off by saying that I love this show’s OP. It’s different, but entirely different. It’s sound is something I don’t usually hear as far as anime openings go. So far it’s my favourite. Now the first episode itself, as a whole, was executed a little bit weak. However, it was still an interesting first episode, and was better thought out than the first episode of Sacred Seven.

I made note that the character designs were a little on the bland side. The main character, Kyouhei Kuga and his busty friend Hibino Shiba are the main offenders. But now that I think about, it isn’t so bad. After all, this show is set in Japan, not a fictional setting. The first episode does well to set the stage for the show, answering any initial questions we might have had before the show aired or from the beginning of the episode. The episode opens up with a scene from Kyouhei’s traumatic past which made him leave his village to attend university in Tokyo. He relinquished his rights as a Seki, a puppetmaster in control of their own doll of God.

The episode follows Kyouhei a some sort of event and we seem him live out life as a seemingly ordinary university student. Oh yeah, our main character is a university student. We don’t get that a lot, do we? It’s firmly established that he has a crush on Hibino Shiba who also was attending that event. We see them spend time together, and it’s generally pretty normal (and boring if you’re tired and watching this at 3am). Soon, they both come across a dead body, though Hibino is surprisingly pretty calm after seeing such a sight.

Things start to get serious when a young girl called Utao who took on the Seki rights from Kyouhei finds him tells him that his brother Aki has escaped. He was imprisoned after using his God Doll to murder people. No sooner as he is mentioned does come into Kyouhei’s apartment to to attack them. Backstory is given and there’s a bit of foreshadowing on Aki’s motives for breaking out to find Kyouhei.

After watching the episode again with a more able mind, I found it quite entertaining. It was slow, but you can tell that there’s more interesting things to come. I’m not blogging this show, just giving my first impressions on it. However, I will be continuing with the show most definitely.

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  1. So far this series seems a bit strange and odd! Guess I will have to watch a bit more to judge this anime, so I will give it two more episodes.

    Course little sister is really cute! And damn Hibino Shiba’s boobs are HUGE LOL I shall call her the Orihime of this series xD

    The “dolls” look crazy! The main white one looks like Kyuubey only mecha looking and one eye….Ending video ahahha the puppets! So random.

    • I don’t think Utao is anyone’s little sister, just someone from the village. And yes, during the first watch I found myself looking at her chest because I was bored…and tired xD

  2. Character designs look like something from the 90s, dare I say? Cowboy Bebop?

    Anyways, loved the direction it’s going – except for the lame ass fights though. That was a downer.

    • Judging from what was depicted in the opening scenes (the flashback), it seems that the “God Dolls” are a lot more powerful than what was displayed in this episode.

      That said, I don’t believe this episode was about showing a good fight scene. We’ll have to wait for that sort of thing.

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