STEINS;GATE 01 – Prologue of the Beginning and End

Prologue of the Beginning and End

「始まりと終わりのプロローグ」 (Hajimari to Owari no Purorōgu)
“Prologue of the Beginning and End”

Wow…the first episode of Steins;Gate was just…wow… I didn’t get it at all. Alright, so I’ve seen played/read Steins;Gate before, so I wouldn’t know much about the story, the characters or what the heck is supposed to happen. I’m watching/covering this show because of two reasons. First, it’s concept of time-travel. I’m a fan of time manipulating plots, so this already scored points with me. Second, is that it’s more or less a sequel to Chaos;Head which I really liked.

Hacking To The Gate
by Itou Kanako

I actually had to listen to the OP again on YouTube because I didn’t really pay attention to it the first time round, when I was actually watching the episode. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really like it. Or maybe I was too busy focusing on the visuals to even listen to the song. Nope, I’m not really fond of the song, but I am fond of the visuals…as confusing as they were. But hey, the Chaos;Head OP was full of spoiler hints.

The fuck is that?

What’s Going On?

I didn’t take many screenshots of this episode, because I was focused on understanding the episode. That said, the episode starts of with the main protaganist Rintarou Okabe, who goes by the name of  Kyouma Hououin (or Okarin) attending a science conference with his friend Mayuri Shiina about someone’s time machine theory. There, he meets a girl named Kurisu Makise. (Off Topic: At first, I was inclined to call her “Chris”.) She insists that Okarin had something to tell him 15 minutes ago, but Okarin has never met her before, but only knows who she is. Sooner or later she is found dead.  He texts one of his other friends, Hashida Itaru about the stabbing and once it’s sent, something strange happens where all the people who were around suddenely disappear.

After a series of confusion, misunderstandings and false memories, Okarin comes to realize that the text he sent Hashida was sent to the past. A week ago. And then we see that Kurisu is alive and well and the episode ends on that cliffhanger. The episode wasn’t really all that exciting for a first episode, but that isn’t to say that the show won’t get any better. This was by no means a bad episode, I just struggled to establish myself with the setting, the characters, and the situation. As the show goes on, I’ll probably be able to talk more each post.

MayuShii and OkaRin

About Mamoru Miyano’s Role

A couple of people are not fond of Mamoru Miyano playing Okarin. I thought it was a great fit, in my opinion. To be honest, I wasn’t really aware of Mamoru until recently. The most recent roles I’ve been aware of Mamoru are Takuto from Star Driver, Elza from The Last Story, Shinku from Dog Days and Kida from Durarara. I didn’t know he played Death the Kid in Soul Eater, or Light Yagami in Death Note (though I watched that dubbed except for the last episode). That aside, I’m used to hearing Mamoru playing those lighter voice roles, especially the kind of voice I heard from Takuto or Elza. Hearing Mamoru player a deeper role is a first for me and it’s a fresh and acceptable change.

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  1. First episode was really great! I love the two main characters so far great voice work. Animation is nice looking too! Course I watched crap version the first time, guess I should wait for the higher stuff to get released!

    • The art and animation of this show is what really makes this show aesthetically pleasing. I almost watched the crappy web version and I’m glad I didn’t xD

      Here’s hoping that the show gets more comprehendable.

  2. IMHO okabe rintaro is the best role mamoru miyano has played so far

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