Yumekui Merry 04 – Dream Eater Merry

Dream Eater Merry

「夢喰いメリー」 (Yumekui Merry)
“Dreameater Merry”

Last week I was hoping that JC Staff would wrap up the last two chapters of Volume 1 of the manga in one episode and that’s exactly what they did today. I’m glad the manga has resumed scanlation so I can read ahead, and Chapter 6 was my favourite Chapter in that volume (and so far). At first I thought Chizuru was just a character that was introduced that should not have been introduced yet. But as I read more of the manga, the more I begin to assume she’s an anime-exclusive character, or something. The same goes for Yumi, though, whether or not we’ll actually see her again hangs in question.

The rain makes everything sparkle a little more, and the rain makes great background music for reading books. Her words, not mine.

So this episode focuses on Mei Hoshino who we were introduced to briefly in Episode 1. Don’t remember her? Well, that doesn’t matter. She’s the President of the Literature Club in school which Yumeji, Saki and Takateru are part of. Lately she’s been texting this guy who the rest believe might be her boyfriend. Turns out it’s some guy called Chris who she sent a text message to by mistake (wrong number). But after that, they began texting each other about their favourite books and stuff and they became quite fond of one another. Cute.

In other news, Nobuhiko Okamoto can't sing.

I was kinda worried that they might skip out the karaoke scene from the manga, especially when they skipped to a scene where Chizuru encounters Isana, which doesn’t actually happen in the manga. Isana invites her over to her place, but that’s rather irrelevant. Every scene with Chizuru seems to be irrelevant to the plot except for when they reveal a little something. Last time, we found out that she’s a dream demon, or that she is the vessel of one. Today, we find out that “it’s pointless getting to know her” as if she won’t be stick around for long or something. I mean, she totally ignores Yumeji (again) when he returns home from damaging a few eardrums.


So, Mei was supposed to have a date with Chris. They’ve never met and this would be the first time meeting. However, instead she’s over at Yumeji’s house. Turns out that Chris never showed up, and that got her quite upset. But wait! Her phone’s ringing! It’s Chris! He says he was running a bit late (in the manga, anyway)!? Meet him on the bridge at the park? SORTED. But wait, a second. What’s up with Mei’s eyes? They look like those of a Dream Demon, meaning that she’s not entirely herself. When Yumeji looks at her with his dream seeking power, she’s coloured purple with a strange marking on her. I can only assume that this means that the act of taking over a human body as a vessel is imminent. Yumeji immediately runs after her, but somehow she already made it to the meet up point?

Lovely scene.

So, I don’t know what’s going here. I don’t know if Mei had already been taken over at this point or that she was on the verge of being so, since Chris was speaking to Yumeji through her. Cue remarkable acting from Nobuhiko Okamoto and ballzy rage from Yumeji. He more or less forces them to enter Mei’s daydream so Yumeji can confront Chris himself. Chris is an interesting looking fellow who has no limbs and reminds me a lot of Rayman, especially with the way he simply knocks Yumeji back with his teleporting hand after he tries to take a swing at him. Man, I really wanna play old-school Rayman now.


Almost as if it was staged, Merry makes a spectacular entrance and proceeds to kick Chris’ ass with a simple punch which causes him to fade away. I’m gonna quote something that Kiiragi said over at Random Curiousity about Chris, because I quite agree with what he said.

Now Chris, he’s much more interesting. He’s more ambiguous in his intentions than the previous demons, and he poses the thought, what is Merry actually doing when slapping the demons into oblivion? And why does she even possess such a power to do so for that matter? Does she really send them back, or is she just unknowingly destroying their existence? The morbid reality seems more fitting for the show.

Kiiragi’s not wrong. You do have wonder those things when he says: “Can you really send me back?” Heck, even Merry even dwells on the thought afterwards. Oh and did I mention that as he’s fading away, Mei gives him a slap for standing her up? OH MY. They have this bittersweet thing where it’s almost like something out of The Beauty and the Beast. Again after the whole thing happens, the whole thing is passed off as a dream. And so ends the introductory arc, I should say. First volume of the manga covered in 4 episodes? FREEZING should take some notes. Next few episodes should start to get interesting with the introduction of Yui and Pharaos (the chick with sword).


NEXT EPISODE: Return To The Dream


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