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Towa no Quon 01 – Fleeting Petals

Meet Quon.

「泡沫の花弁」 (Utakata no Kaben)
“Fleeting Petals”

I don’t usually watch anime movie series.  I did watch Kara no Kyoukai, but I didn’t even finish that. That said, I saw this pop up somewhere, and since I had time (for once), I decided to sit down in this uncomfortable office chair we have in the living room and watch the show. The first 6 minutes had me pretty focused and didn’t bore me at all. Towa no Quon is an original animated film series that will have 6 parts. 3 parts have been released so far, and a subbed release of the first part was just put out a few days ago. It was also made as Iida Umanosuke’s last anime as he sadly passed away last November. It’s unfortunate he didn’t get to see this on the big screens. Read the rest of this entry