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[C] CONTROL: The Money and Soul of Possibility 12 – Control [END]


The only episode I did not see was the episode about Mikuni’s past, regarding his sister or whatnot. But I was briefed about it from a few friends and various anime blogs. I’m pretty surprised that this show only had eleven. I was under the assumption that it’d have 12/13 episodes. Same with AnoHana. In any case, I watched the last two episodes back to back at my friends’ house, screencapped what I needed and discussed my thoughts of the show overall with my friend. I have to say, I did quite watching the finale, even though I didn’t understand it all too well. Read the rest of this entry

[C] CONTROL: The Money of Soul and Possibility 06 – Conflict

THE RAPTURE HAS COM---wait what.

「Conflict (葛藤)」 (Kattou)

The above caption joke would have been relevant if I were able to post this yesterday, but oh well. If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted much recently, long story short: hiatus + huge college deadline. I’ve still had the time for anime though…just not writing about it. [C] is sometimes a chore to watch. Not because it’s boring, but because my laptop can’t handle 720p videos all to well, and GGSubs don’t cater to 480p viewers. So I usually have to be lucky that my laptop will run the damn episode with out it lagging. This is a problem with AnoHana and Ao no Exorcist too. In any case, where we are at the half-way point in the series of [C] and I’ve realized that even up until now there’s been a lot of learning going on as opposed stuff actually happening. Of course, that is not to say that stuff doesn’t happen, but every episode we’re learning something new. With that in mind… Read the rest of this entry

[C] CONTROL: The Money of Soul & Possibility 01 – Complication

CONTROL - The Money of Soul and Possibility


Whilst I was wasting my time doing that Denpa Onna image post, and watching Britain’s Got Talent, I also just found out that an old friend of mine passed away from cancer this morning, so I really don’t even wanna write this post right now, but I’ma do it anyway. Right, so an orignal anime, that has the theme of money, financial troubles, potential gambling, and risks. Not a concept you see everyday in anime, so that’s why I decided to cover this show. I watch this episode RAW first. I haven’t watched a RAW since Umineko no Naku Koro ni. NOTE: The majority of this post was written under the nyan.

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