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God Only Knows 03 – I’ve Got Nothing

I've seriously got nothing.

The World God Only Knows is too long, so I’m just calling it God Only Knows. The screencap above seems to agree with me. So, in short this anime is about a high-school student called Keima who is a self-proclaimed dating-sim god. He is always seen with his PFP playing some sort of dating-simulator. When he receives a challenge about capturing girls (i.e. getting the girl to fall in love with the player in the dating-sim), he accepts and then a demon girl named Elsea appears outta nowhere and proposes a task in which he cannot back out of, otherwise they both die. He must free the loose evil spirits that have taken residence inside girls’ hearts. The only way to drive the spirits out is to get the girl to fall in love with him. So basically, he must apply what he has learned in his dating-sim games to work in real life. And they say video games are pointless.

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