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AnoHana 11 – Farewell, Menma [END]

Farewell, Menma

「あの夏に咲く花」 (Ano Natsu ni Saku Hana)
“The Flower Blooming on That Summer”

First of all, I didn’t cry. I was supposed to but I watched this show at 4am. I guess I was just too tired to cry. Second of all, I know I said in my last post about my current situation and about how I can’t really post about anime. I still can’t. But see, college is over, and I have until September free (unless I get a job that is). I may not have a laptop, but I’m able to utilize my little brother’s one, but only at night. So I can only watch anime at night, and I can only blog about it at night. That explains why I’m writing this at bloody 4am in the morning. While I’m not back in full-swing, I just wanted to pop in and share my impressions on AnoHana. Read the rest of this entry