Senki Zesshou Symphogear 02 – Noise & Dissonance

Senki Zesshou Symphogear

「雑音と不協和音と」 (Zatsuon to Fukyouwaron to)
“Noise & Dissonance”

Right, so I haven’t made a post on the first episode, but that’s because 1.) I still don’t know if I’m fully back on the whole blogging thing and 2.) I’m still going through premiere episodes at the moment. That said, I’m not going to go through the events of the first episode, though I will say this. I miss Kanade already. That being said, I have to pay mention to the OP of this show, it’s one of my favourites this season.

Berserk Taokaka Mode?

So it turns out that Hibiki did not go berserk as I imagine we were all expecting. I was really disappointed by that, as that cliffhanger from the first episode was virtually the only thing I was looking forward to this episode, but then she just turns out to be normal. I feel a little trolled here. Personally, I think it would’ve more interesting if she went berserk or lost complete control of her new-born powers, rather than taking the more comical approach they did by having Hibiki prance about like an idiot conveniently evade enemy attacks with her new-found superhuman abilities. That said, I have to make mention of the way they integrate the musical theme with the fighting/action scenes. In the first episode, I will not lie, the second Kanade starting singing after she transformed and prepared to fight I laughed so hard. I felt like I was watching something very theatrical, but then as it went on it seem to work well with what I was watching. Since it’s songs that activate the transformation, it’s a given. Also attack names, seemed to be re-used by Tsubasa with her Azure Flash and Thousand Tears attacks, and I think even the animation was re-cycled slightly a bit as well on those parts.

I really like the way they slam themselves into their outfits.

So far, I’m really loving the soundtrack. When the fast paced J-POP music isn’t playing (not that I hate them), it’s usually some interesting and heartfelt pieces playing, sometimes reminding me of Yuki Kaijura‘s works. Now, after Hibiki transformed at the end of the first episode, I had figured that she had transformed into Kanade’s old outfit, though I had no idea how or even why. After re-watching the first episode with my girlfriend (doing this before watching this episode), I was able to notice that it was debris from Kanade’s suit that had fatally injured Hibiki, not stone debris like I originally thought it was. Of course, the fact that that’s the reason why Hibiki has now inherited Gungnir wasn’t made clear to me until it was explain in the episode. The shards of her suit are known as Relics which contain great power, and they seemed to be named after historical/mythical weapons, such as Gugnir being the mighty weapon of Odin from Norse mythology and the Ama no Habakiri, being the mighty weapon of Susano-o in Japanese mythology. The pieces are lodge in Hibiki’s cheast and are still there as they were too close to the heart to be surgically removed. Of course, Tsubasa’s not happy with any of this. As far as Tsubasa knows, Hibiki has just inherited the Symphogear of Kanade, the person she adore a lot, and seeing Hibiki so inexperienced and happy-go-lucky about it is just insulting. And as far as I know, Tsubasa doesn’t actually know that Hibiki was the one Kanade died protecting. Whether that truth will make things worse is anybody’s guess. I mean, heack, she’s just turned her sword on Hibiki.

Oh, Miyuki Sawashiro. I'm enjoying hearing your voice as Milla in Tales of Xillia right now, and I'm enjoying hearing your role as this chick.

Things are not always so serious though, as the formal introduction of the 2nd Division shows in this episode, showing good vibes throughout the episode. We are formally introduced to Genjuro Kazanari, the leader, and Ryoko Sakura, the brains, scientist and the noble inventor of the Symphogear.

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