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STEINS;GATE 02 – Time Travel Paranoia

Time Travel Paranoia

「時間跳躍のパラノイア」 (Jikan Chouyaku no Paranoia)
“Time Travel Paranoia”

I found this episode to be more entertaining than the first. I understood things a lot better this time round, even though a few things are still being foreshadowed. Still, the plot seems to be moving forward. In this episode, we’re all introduced to some new characters, though they’re nothing we haven’t seen before. Read the rest of this entry

STEINS;GATE 01 – Prologue of the Beginning and End

Prologue of the Beginning and End

「始まりと終わりのプロローグ」 (Hajimari to Owari no Purorōgu)
“Prologue of the Beginning and End”

Wow…the first episode of Steins;Gate was just…wow… I didn’t get it at all. Alright, so I’ve seen played/read Steins;Gate before, so I wouldn’t know much about the story, the characters or what the heck is supposed to happen. I’m watching/covering this show because of two reasons. First, it’s concept of time-travel. I’m a fan of time manipulating plots, so this already scored points with me. Second, is that it’s more or less a sequel to Chaos;Head which I really liked. Read the rest of this entry