STEINS;GATE 02 – Time Travel Paranoia

Time Travel Paranoia

「時間跳躍のパラノイア」 (Jikan Chouyaku no Paranoia)
“Time Travel Paranoia”

I found this episode to be more entertaining than the first. I understood things a lot better this time round, even though a few things are still being foreshadowed. Still, the plot seems to be moving forward. In this episode, we’re all introduced to some new characters, though they’re nothing we haven’t seen before.

Alive and well.

Makise Kurisu Is Alive

As a continuation from the cliffhanger in the last episode we see that Okarin is still shocked that Makise is very much still alive and that she’s real. Interestingly enough, Makise doesn’t remember ever meeting Okarin, and that the conference that was supposed to happen was actually cancelled. IT’S ALMOST AS IF HE’S LIVING IN AN ALTERNATE REALITY, HUH. It just so happens that the plot introduces John Titor in the show, though he’s shown from a computer screen. That said, he claims that the universe manages by the many-worlds interpretation. If the wiki page confuses you, it basically means that there are many alternate realities depending on different outcomes. Heck, I don’t even know if I’m explaining it right. But basically, I’m guessing that during that little world hiccup last episode, I’m assuming that Okarin must have passed into an alternate reality where Makise wasn’t stabbed and is alive and well, rather than the reality he was in where Makise WAS stabbed and is dead. Given that he apparently sent a text message Makise’s stabbing to the past, it doesn’t sound too unlikely.


Hououin Kyouma: Ace Scientist

So Makise had this own little conference of hers which basically presents the fact that time travel is impossible, but Okarin does not agree. Makise welcomes this as a challenge as they debate about it. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Hououin-san~~ But Okarin loses the debate. Poor Hououin-san~

Mayushii Nyan Nyan~~

Characters Introduced

4 new characters were introduced in this episode. 4 females, actually. DEM VISUAL NOVELS. ALWAYS GOTTA HAVE AN OVERBEARING FEMALE CAST.

Ruka Urushibara

Meet Ruka Urushibara. She is a trap. A trap. THE FUCKING OBLIGITORY TRAP. And Okarin does well to keep reminding us and himself about that. Yuu Kobayashi voices her him, so yeah. A pretty damn convincing trap, too. Mannersims and the voice of a woman, slender body, looks great in a Miko outfit, BUT HE’S A GUY. So, Rukako (his nickname, like Okarin and Mayushii) practices sword swings daily near a temple/shrine and also performs exorcisms, but she he deems herself himself unskilled in that AND THEN OH MY GOD HIS HAND HAS A DEMON IN IT!! That was rather entertaining, provoking Rukako to hurry and prepare for an exorcism like that.

NOTE: Those cross-outs were legit mistakes. xD

Suzaha Amane

Soon after meeting up with Rukako, we meet up with Suzuha Amane an 18-year old upbeat girl who’s going to be working part-time at Mr Braun’s store. She’s never seen corn before, you see.

Moeka Kiryuu

I like her. She’s pretty. Okarin meets her after seeing her take a photo of him. She claims that she’s taking pictures for proof. Everywhere she walked, everything she saw, she’s taking pictures of them. I can only assume that she went/is going through the same thing Okarin is. Also, she appears to be looking for an IBN 5100. Do you rememeber that old computer. BOY. They exchange numbers and Moeka can’t spell. She’s EXTREMELY protective of her phone for some reason. I assume it is over the fear that she’ll lose everything.



So, we meet a neko maid girl who ends a lot (if not, all) of her sentences with “nyan~”. I’m pretty sure Feyris is just going along with Okarin’s delusions. I mean, harsh training in the Guiana Highlands, overcoming her Master’s death to finally master her “forbidden move”? I don’t even–

Somethings not right.


Experiment time! We’ve got another bunch of bananas to be in a microwave this time, but instead they’re just going to use one, so they tear one of from the bunch on a molecular level and put it in the microwave. Once it’s done, Daru looks inside to find that the damn banana isn’t inside. It has somewhat “teleported” back to bunch of bananas in its gel state. GEL BANANA = BANANA GEL = “TALES OF” REFERENCE? The episode ends with another cliffhanger involving Makise Kurisu. The fact that she’s in their lab all oof her a sudden makes her seem PRET-TY important…and suspicious.


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