Mouretsu Pirates 01 – Pirates Are Coming Through! [First Impressions]

Bodacious Space Pirates

「海賊、罷り通る」 (Kaizoku, Makaritooru)
“Pirates Are Coming Through!”

I was gonna do a quick post on Highschool DxD, but then I thought to myself: “Really…?” Instead, I decided to go with the much better Mouretsu Pirates, or Bodacious Space Pirates. I watched this episode twice. First time by myself, and then again today with my girlfriend, introducing her to the show. Mouretsu Pirates is a space adventure/opera by animation company Satelight.

Meet Marika Kato. She never knew her father and she's just found out he died a pirate from food poisoning.

The first episode starts of with a brief outline on the setting, about the space craft called the Bentenmaru, the Letter of Marque enabling pirates to be somewhat “legal”, among other things. It goes without saying that this show has a futuristic setting which is only really shown in the technology you see being used, like when Kane who is posing as a school teacher showed Chiaki to her seat, by using a mini computer to locate a vacant seat, and then a holographic arrow appears over it.

Marika Kato is a teenage girl who’s part of the Yacht Club in her school. As shown in the opening scene she’s shown to be able to handle a flight craft quite well, even knowing a few tricks here and there. Being watched by two Bentenmaru crew members, Kane and Misa, old friends of her mother’s. The show also takes the time to introduce who may be the secondary heroine, that being Chiaki Kurihara, voiced by Kana Hanazawa. She’s carries a level-headed yet somewhat serious attitude. Some could call her a bit of a tsundere, though apart from the personality change during that one sundae scene.

Piracy is fun, I guess.

What we get in the end is that since the Marika’s father, who was the previous captain of the Bentenmaru, died from food poisoning, his direct descendant must take his place. But already people are after her, as Chiaki saves her from a suspicious crew and a man posing as airport security. If I’m not mistaken, it’s going to be a 2-cour show and the cast is going to be pret-ty huge. I mean, just look at the ED! That said, I’m looking forward to seeing what this show has to offer, as I think I might be staying along for the whole 2 season ride, unless things get a little…unbearable, which I doubt will happen with this show. I like fun space adventures anyway.

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  1. Nice write up, Tricky! Though you didn’t give too much of your own impressions in as much as a light 1st ep. summary XD Seems pretty interesting and it’s animated by Satelight which is pretty awesome in itself. It’s like One Piece for the moe crowd! If the plot opens up like this, then there’s a lot of room for exploration, twists, and (wait for it…) character development. I’ll give it a watch very soon. Thanks!

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