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[3L Pro] Battalion [SONG]

And once again I’m out with another new song. I had a bit of a musician’s block and then I came up with this last night. I just listened to this over some Kingdom Hearts II battle footage. Totally fits. I present to you “Battalion”.


[3L Pro] Arms of Genesis [SONG]

Yay, new song! I spent two nights on this song. Composed in a 6/8 time signature, it was something I’ve never done before. Also I composed this in a full orchestral sound which is something I haven’t done in a long while. Remembering from what one of my college teachers taught me, I learned the traditional setup of an orchestra and where the instruments are placed, and then I reflected that in the way I mixed down the song. But enough of speaking, here is the song with a download link below.


[3L Pro] Ark Ascends Ether [SONG]

After a month, I decided to make a song. Luckily, my little brother’s laptop (which is what I’ve been using in the meantime), has FL Studio 9 as well, also packing a number of soundfonts which I don’t usually use. I spent about 4 hours composing this + 2 hours of mixing the track that turned out to be rubbish, so I had to mix it down again.

The song is called Ark Ascends Ether. I haven’t made a song this long in some time, though to be fair, there’s this one section that plays 3 times within the song. But there’s still an amount of variety to keep you listening and interested.


[3L Pro] Piano [SONG]

So apparently I’m in a composing mood. To be honest, I need to be if I’m going to compose a really good song as part as my Final Major Project for college. The deadline for that was last Friday, but then our music rooms got flooded from the heavy rain that happened the previous day. So it’s been moved to next Friday. In any case, this song is another (and probably the last) warm-up song before I start composing something fierce. It’s called “Piano” and by the name, it’s heavily piano-based. If you’re wondering why the piano sounds very…mechanic, it’s because I don’t own a MIDI keyboard. Every song I’ve ever made (save 2 or 3 songs) has been hand-pianted on the paino roll tool.

[3L Pro] Loose Procastination [SONG]

Yes, that's me...2 years ago at least.

So I make music, for those (read: all of you) who don’t know. I recently started making tracks again after about 3-4 months of not doing much musically. A lot of my recent songs (2009/10) can be found HERE. In any case, as always, to get myself warmed up after a break of no music-making, I make a track. It’s not much, and it isn’t long, but I was kinda playing around with FL Studio 10’s new synth plugins “Harmless” and “Sakura”.