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[3L Pro] Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Episode 1 Clip – “I’m A Zombie!” [PREVIEW]


Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Fandub Preview


So, in case you didn’t know, I make fandubs, and put a lot of work into them. I’ve got an upcoming fandub clip of a scene from the first episode of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? and this is just a preview of it. Featuring the voices from members of the Voice Acting Alliance (VAA). Sound effects and music were added by myself. The soundtracks are from Hexyz Force and God Eater.


Aikawa Ayumu :: TriPredRavage

Haruna :: Ayame

Giant Crayfish :: TheCheetoBandito

Freezing 04 – Tempest Turn

Tempest Card

「Tempest Turn」

As a heads up, the screencaps will look a little weird because I downloaded a 720p version of the show, but it’s uncensored so it still retains it’s 4:3 aspect ratio. Silly me. In any case, as much I am displeased with the anime adapation of Freezing so far, I enjoyed this episode…slightly. Notice the missing [NSFW] from the title? Yeah, there’s not much I can say for this episode other than the fact that they skipped out a number of Chapters from the manga that focus on Ingrid’s past. I would have liked to see her past animated because I really enjoyed that section in the manga, but of course, Freezing is a one cour show and I’m pretty sure they didn’t wanna pull a Naruto on us.

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GOSICK 04 – I Had A Dream…

I had a dream where I died in the EXACT same manner as this guy. That’ll teach me not to eat two cheeseburgers whilst watching GOSICK after midnight.

Sayaka’s Speech


“Mami’s dead! She’s gone! But she’s right there on my back and here in my heart! She lives on as a part of me! If you’re gonna wish, wish for a better tomorrow! No matter what’s in my way I won’t stop! Once I’ve cut through, it means I’ve won!

Yeah, I was bored and I saw this and I thought: “WHY THE HELL NOT?” Probably sucks and I can’t remember his speech all too well, but whatever.


Yumekui Merry 04 – Dream Eater Merry

Dream Eater Merry

「夢喰いメリー」 (Yumekui Merry)
“Dreameater Merry”

Last week I was hoping that JC Staff would wrap up the last two chapters of Volume 1 of the manga in one episode and that’s exactly what they did today. I’m glad the manga has resumed scanlation so I can read ahead, and Chapter 6 was my favourite Chapter in that volume (and so far). At first I thought Chizuru was just a character that was introduced that should not have been introduced yet. But as I read more of the manga, the more I begin to assume she’s an anime-exclusive character, or something. The same goes for Yumi, though, whether or not we’ll actually see her again hangs in question.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica 04 – Magic and Miracles Really Exist

Today was general feel like shit day.

「奇跡も、魔法も、あるんだよ」 (Kisekimo, Mahoumo, Arundayo)
“Miracles and Magic Really Exist”

I’ll be honest, this episode was rather…predictable. Not all of it, but some of it. Mami is really dead though, as Akemi explained in this episode, saying that a dead Magi’s body cannot return from the “other world”, so to speak. So all thoughts of Madoka wishing for her revival has fallen out of the window. Seriously, this is why I like this show. IT’S SERIOUS BUSINESS.

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Star Driver 16 – Takuto’s Mark

Takuto's Mark

「タクトのシルシ」 (Takuto no Shirushi)
“Takuto’s Mark”

This house is FREEZING and my hands are incredibly cold. But I’m gonna try and write this. So, I really liked this episode and it was fairly spectacular to watch. A few truths were revealed and this episode more or less ended the Mizuno arc.

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Beelzebub 03 – In A Nutshell

I'll just leave this here.

Oga’s still trying to find someone more ruthless than him and Furuichi’s family thinks he’s gay.

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Freezing 03 – In A Large Nutshell [NSFW]

Episode 3: Accel Turn

I’ve been really busy with my college work and getting ready my Final Major Project for my Music Technology course in college that I’ve been falling behind on my posts. So, here’s just the episode in a nutshell.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica 03 – I’m Not Afraid Anymore

I'm no longer afraid.

「もう何も恐くない」 (Mou Nanimo Kowakunai)
“I’m Not Afraid Anymore”

This episode made me sad. Like, I said on Twitter a few days ago, I feel like SHAFT pulled a GAINAX on me. This isn’t going to be a long post since I have a ton of college work to get on with, so I’m just gonna note down the highlights.

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