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Starry☆Sky Prologue – The Capricorn

"Several colours which are totally different and fostered at each place, will gather in this blue sky before long, becoming a richly coloured rainbow."

First I wanna say a couple of things about this show. It’s an adaptation of a popular Drama CD/game by the same name: Starry☆Sky. As I had previously thought, from watching the preview episode, I gather that the main demographic this show is aimed towards are females who love bishounen (pretty boy) anime/manga. Also, the title names will be named in order according to the 13 star signs. Yes, there is a third, and not a lot of people know that. It’s called Ophiuchus. There are 12 main males in the series, each representing the 12 star signs, so I’m imagining that each episode will focus on each male. Wow, what a title I chose to cover. Sa, hajimete yo. Read the rest of this entry