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Kamisama Dolls 13 – Kyouhei, The Seki [END]

No, not even this truly happened in this episode.

「隻・枸雅匡平」 (Seki, Kuga Kyouhei)
“Kuga Kyouhei, The Seki”

I can’t help but feel that the ending to this show was a little worthwhile. It’s gonna be a short post because I have an anime backlog I don’t want. This post is particularly a week late because of Freshers Week, which I briefly mentioned on my NOTICE bar (top of the sidebar). Pretty much partied and raved all week. ANYHOO. Read the rest of this entry

Kami-sama Dolls 10 – The Beautiful Maiden Is Here!

The much needed explanation of the past. And this is all we need.

「美姫、繚乱」 (Biki, Ryouran)
“The Beautiful Maiden Is Here!”

Despite this episode being a fairly good episode, being the 10th episode of the series, I find it difficult to figure out where this series heading other than Amaterasu possibly being the final boss. That said, we got a formal introduction to Mahiru Hyuuga who is all sorts of crazy. Read the rest of this entry

Kamisama Dolls 09 – Twist of Fate

It's been a while...

「因縁の渦」 (Innen no Uzu)
“Spiral of Fate”

Right, I’m back to blogging for the time being, though I’ll be back in full force once I get my Mac at the end of September. I’ve also been compiling a list of planned watches and coverage for the upcoming Fall season of anime. That said, for such a dramatic episode title, this episode didn’t seem to have much drama at all. I also couldn’t help but think that Kuuko’s father looks scary as hell because of his awkawardly drawn facial bones. It was also nice to see Kuuko again as I love her wild attitude. Bitch still needs to get laid, but it was nice (and a pleasant surprise) to see her in a maid outfit. Read the rest of this entry

Deadman Wonderland: Rats in a Cage


“Despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage.” – Smashing Pumpkins

This pretty much sums up what I got out of the Spring 2011 anime, Deadman Wonderland. Every episode was set up to make the viewer look upon every worthwhile character and see just how much despair and hopelessness they could possibly experience. Even I had at least one moment of physical cringing, confirming that this anime was doing something right. Of course, when needed, there would be a 5-7 minute flashback justifying why said character was so, for lack of a better descriptor, fucked up. Regardless of justification, the characters (and even the plot itself) continue to run around like rats in a cage, never really going anywhere but down.
Read the rest of this entry

Deadman Wonderand 06 – Hummingbird

Today, we deal with this psychotic bitch.

“Hamingu Bādo” (ハミング・バード)

All this talk and nonsense about the rapture aside, I AM BACK. If but for a short while. I’ve got a big college deadline coming up this Wednesday, so I need to work on that first. Let’s just say that I need to record a live band cover of Love Song, record my original piano solo piece, AND create a song on Logic Pro and find a vocalist for it and record her vocals, ALL BY WEDNESDAY. I haven’t done any recording. Yeaaah. But anyway, I decided I should at least come back and write for the halfway point in the series that I’m (supposed to be) blogging. Or in Ao no Exorcist‘s case, quarter-way point. Read the rest of this entry