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Kamisama Dolls 13 – Kyouhei, The Seki [END]

No, not even this truly happened in this episode.

「隻・枸雅匡平」 (Seki, Kuga Kyouhei)
“Kuga Kyouhei, The Seki”

I can’t help but feel that the ending to this show was a little worthwhile. It’s gonna be a short post because I have an anime backlog I don’t want. This post is particularly a week late because of Freshers Week, which I briefly mentioned on my NOTICE bar (top of the sidebar). Pretty much partied and raved all week. ANYHOO. Read the rest of this entry

Kamisama Dolls 11 – Hibino Kidnapped!

This pretty much was my face at the end of this episode.

「囚われの日々乃」 (Toraware no Hibino)
“Kidnapped Hibino”

WOOOOOOOWWWWW. Halfway through this episode I had to check the episode number to see if it was below 10. It wasn’t. It was in fact, Episode 11. I then began to ask myself what the hell this show is doing. This is gonna be another micropost as I’ve got to go university. You see, I like this show, but lately I’ve not been getting any satisfaction out of the past few episodes. Remember when the evil village elder and Amaterasu were introduced a couple of episodes back? Why have they not come into play now? The show now as 2 episodes left, and Brain’s Base wants to spend the next one with a rescue-the-big-titted-girl episode. I mean, really!? As I said in my last tweet, this show is heading down the same path as Deadman Wonderland. It starts great, loads of people take an interest in it, and then towards the latter half and last few episodes, it kinda doesn’t really know what it’s doing with itself.

Kami-sama Dolls 10 – The Beautiful Maiden Is Here!

The much needed explanation of the past. And this is all we need.

「美姫、繚乱」 (Biki, Ryouran)
“The Beautiful Maiden Is Here!”

Despite this episode being a fairly good episode, being the 10th episode of the series, I find it difficult to figure out where this series heading other than Amaterasu possibly being the final boss. That said, we got a formal introduction to Mahiru Hyuuga who is all sorts of crazy. Read the rest of this entry

Kamisama Dolls 06 – Karakami Village

I don’t have it in me to write for Episode 6 of Kamisama Dolls. I’ve been a bit busy doing other things and I think I’ve left this post too late anyway. Plus, this is all that matters.

Kamisama Dolls 05 – To My Hometown

Oh a fair amount of action happened in this episode.

「故郷へ・・・」 (Furusato e…)
“To My Hometown”

Aww yeah, this was a great episode. Kamisama Dolls has to be careful where it places it lighthearted and funny moments, because they tend to happen a lot, even during serious scenes. Aside from that, I feel the story progressed a little further and introduced a new character and enemy in the show. Read the rest of this entry

Kamisama Dolls 04 – Helma

Oh, ho. I'm totally not drawing attention by having a wet Hibino as the opening shot.

「ヘルマ」 (Heruma)

Kamisama Dolls this week was somewhat interesting. What I like Kamisama Dolls is how the story is always progressing well with each episode, especially when masked by irrelevant scenes and portions like last episode. Read the rest of this entry

Kamisama Dolls 03 – The Attacker Is…

I swear, this is probably just about the most interesting screencap I took to use as an opening image.

「攻め来たるは・・・」 (Semekitaru wa…)
“The Attacker Is…”

I was watching this episode with my best friend, and I spent most of the episode figuring out the purpose of this episode was, what it was trying to achieve and what I was supposed to get out of it. I mean, when the entire first half of the episode is filled with shenagnigans involving cake and other semi-unrelated mumbo-jumbo, you begin to wonder what on earth is going on here. Read the rest of this entry

Kami-sama Dolls 02 – God’s Intensive Training

Dat Kyouhei lookin' real grim.

Yeah, screw it. I’m not blogging two mystery shows, so Dantalian no Shoka is dropped for coverage. I might do a first impressions post on it, though. We’ll see. I also love how I said I’m only gonna cover two shows this season, yet I still end up covering four. Oh well, at least I’m watching a lot less shows. Outside the four I’m covering, I’m only watching Dantalian no Shoka and kinda Mawaru Penguindrum. In any case, enough rambling about irrelevant things, I have to say that this episode was quite a good one. I’m also making this post rather short, because it’s late and I need to catch up on Steins;Gate. Read the rest of this entry

Kami-sama Dolls – Huge Knockers

Let’s be serious here. The only reason for Hibino’s well-endowed chest is for fan-service we get that. But when/if it comes for the time where the show starts to lose its momentum, those KNOCKERS will probably keep me from dropping the show. They also better make the whole forced romance thing between her and Kyousuke good and not half-assed, otherwise just don’t do it at all. In fact, I don’t they should do it at all, but oh well.