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Kamisama Dolls 09 – Twist of Fate

It's been a while...

「因縁の渦」 (Innen no Uzu)
“Spiral of Fate”

Right, I’m back to blogging for the time being, though I’ll be back in full force once I get my Mac at the end of September. I’ve also been compiling a list of planned watches and coverage for the upcoming Fall season of anime. That said, for such a dramatic episode title, this episode didn’t seem to have much drama at all. I also couldn’t help but think that Kuuko’s father looks scary as hell because of his awkawardly drawn facial bones. It was also nice to see Kuuko again as I love her wild attitude. Bitch still needs to get laid, but it was nice (and a pleasant surprise) to see her in a maid outfit. Read the rest of this entry

Kamisama Dolls 05 – To My Hometown

Oh a fair amount of action happened in this episode.

「故郷へ・・・」 (Furusato e…)
“To My Hometown”

Aww yeah, this was a great episode. Kamisama Dolls has to be careful where it places it lighthearted and funny moments, because they tend to happen a lot, even during serious scenes. Aside from that, I feel the story progressed a little further and introduced a new character and enemy in the show. Read the rest of this entry