Kamisama Dolls 05 – To My Hometown

Oh a fair amount of action happened in this episode.

「故郷へ・・・」 (Furusato e…)
“To My Hometown”

Aww yeah, this was a great episode. Kamisama Dolls has to be careful where it places it lighthearted and funny moments, because they tend to happen a lot, even during serious scenes. Aside from that, I feel the story progressed a little further and introduced a new character and enemy in the show.

That would have been overkill if you ask me.

The Twins Put On A Show

And what a spectacular show it was. To be honest, I assumed that they would fight in secret; but Utao lost control of her emotions and initiated a fight right in the heart of the city. Makes things interesting as it’s Kuuko’s father, the detective, sees Kyouhei as someone involved. It had to be the most baitest (read: obvious) fight ever.I’m surprised I didn’t see Kuuko or Aki in this episode, since the former has been a witness to these kakashi for some time.

Kirio proved to be a more powerful Seki than Utao, and silly Utao was just getting Kukuri wrecked. When Takemikazuchi was going to deal the finishing blow, I was half-expecting someone to intervene, like Koushiro. Instead, what we got was a reversal from Kukuri who absorbed Takemikazuchi’s attack and shot it right back severely damaging Takemikazuchi.

What does Kukuri need a bandage for?


I always did wonder what these dolls were made of ahd it turns out thy’re just made of wood. But how they’re so flexible is a different story, as they appear to function like a normal automated machine on the inside. These scenes also made for a few more comedic moments which again felt out of place to me. Kyouhei did a bit of thinking in the bathtub. When I think in the bathtub, I don’t fucking go putting my head in the water with my eyes open. I swear that’s soapy water in there. I understand he’s trying to look deep but really, it’s silly. Anyway, it’s made mention that there’s a person who knows how to fix dolls, and that person lies all the way back at the village. So, Kyouhei, Utao and Hibino make plans to make a trip to the village where Utao is known as Utao-sama.

A display of female driving. /imnotsexist

 Amaterasu, The Strongest Doll?

A fair bit of plot development was made in this episode as the head of the Hyuuga family is introduced, taking “disciplinary actions” against Kirio for fucking up. It’s made mention thatKirio was raised by the Hyuuga head in secrecy for 12 years and hat Kirio and Utao both had awakened their Seki powers whilst in their mother’s womb, however Kirio’s skills seems to have progressed more. Another, thing of note is that they need a Seki strong enough to control their strongest Doll, Amaterasu.

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