Kamisama Dolls 04 – Helma

Oh, ho. I'm totally not drawing attention by having a wet Hibino as the opening shot.

「ヘルマ」 (Heruma)

Kamisama Dolls this week was somewhat interesting. What I like Kamisama Dolls is how the story is always progressing well with each episode, especially when masked by irrelevant scenes and portions like last episode.


Kuuko Might Be A Favourite

So far, Kuuko is shaping up to be my favourite character of the show. She seems to be the most dynamic out of the lot, and whilst kept out of the loop up until now, she’s still provided enough amusement. She’s crazy, to put it simple. My friend went as far as to say that she needs to get laid. Kuuko pretty much lives in a whole, spending a lot of her time seeking out the extra-terrestrial, only to finally have stumbled across something worthwhile, the Dolls. She’s brave too, being able to stare death right in the face and still be able to taser Aki some. “I don’t know if I’m in trouble or just plain lucky.” was her line when Aki came back to her place.

Let's see ya grit those teeth, Aki!

Another Confrontation With Aki

It’s been clear from the beginning that Aki has been trying to somewhat “awken” Kyouhei’s true nature which is what was displayed her as Aki goaded Kyouhei into a fit of rage after mentioning that Hibino (who was present at the time) shared a resemblance to a person named “Sensei”. Now this Sensei woman was shown in a flashback, so obviously this person meant a great deal to Kyouhei. Maybe it was someone he or Aki accidently killed in the past due to the uncontrollable power of the Dolls? Who knows, however there was no resemblance at all between Sensei and Hibino. I mean, come on – Sensei’s boobs were no where near as big as Hibino’s. Speaking of which…

Oh, looks like they're going in the bath.


"Oh, they're in the bath. I'll just go upstairs then." Phew, glad we avoided that one.

"Wait, Nii-san! I'm falling out of the bathtub!"


I guess the tradition is just too strong, I guess.

Hibino is now in mid-life-crisis mode.

Utao’s Relations

I think it’s important to note the very sisterly bond going on between Hibino and Utao that’s been more or less the “other half” of each episode. Hibino is more or less like an older-sister to Utao at this point. On the other hand, Utao obviously has some sort of brother-complex going on. I can’t remember which scene it was, but there was one scene where I think Kyouhei compliment Hibino’s outfit or something, and then Utao got jealous when he thought nothing of her outfit. So anyway, we are formerly introduced to Kirio Hyuuga, that strange little kid that looks like Utao. He’s Utao’s twin brother, a secret kept by the Hyuuga family that has a very strong electrical Doll called Takemikazuchi. Looks like Utao has her own adversary to deal with which should make things more interesting on her end.


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