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Mouretsu Pirates 02 – My Power, The Power of Pirates

Unfortunately, there aren't any space shenanigans yet.

「私の力、海賊の力」 (Watashi no Chikara, Kaizoku no Chikara)
“My Power, A Pirate’s Power”

I still don’t know whether or not I’m blogging this show or not, especially since it’s a 2 cour show which I don’t particularly like doing. However, I found myself writing notes about this episode without even knowing it, so I may as well do a small write-up. It’s interesting how the OPs that have become my favourite of this season all have the J-POP sound, instead of the J-Rock sound I tend to enjoy. I really like Mouretsu Pirates, fun and goofy OP and I’m in love with the ED too. Read the rest of this entry

Mouretsu Pirates 01 – Pirates Are Coming Through! [First Impressions]

Bodacious Space Pirates

「海賊、罷り通る」 (Kaizoku, Makaritooru)
“Pirates Are Coming Through!”

I was gonna do a quick post on Highschool DxD, but then I thought to myself: “Really…?” Instead, I decided to go with the much better Mouretsu Pirates, or Bodacious Space Pirates. I watched this episode twice. First time by myself, and then again today with my girlfriend, introducing her to the show. Mouretsu Pirates is a space adventure/opera by animation company Satelight. Read the rest of this entry