[C] CONTROL: The Money and Soul of Possibility 12 – Control [END]


The only episode I did not see was the episode about Mikuni’s past, regarding his sister or whatnot. But I was briefed about it from a few friends and various anime blogs. I’m pretty surprised that this show only had eleven. I was under the assumption that it’d have 12/13 episodes. Same with AnoHana. In any case, I watched the last two episodes back to back at my friends’ house, screencapped what I needed and discussed my thoughts of the show overall with my friend. I have to say, I did quite watching the finale, even though I didn’t understand it all too well.


Final Thoughts

[C] has to be one of the most interesting anime I’ve seen in terms of concept. Not exactly a revolutionary piece of work here. In the beginning of this show, we were presented with something akin to some sort of card game, like Yu-Gi-Oh. From then, each episode became a lesson. When I say that, I mean that we learned something new each episode. An economics student, or someone with some sort of understanding of how the economy works (unlike me) would probably feel right at home here. However, the story of this show did get very confusing at it went ahead, and with the last few episodes, it felt rather rushed.

The concept of a alternate reality where Entrés battle against each other with their Assets (embodiments of their futures) is interesting. I think I said on either Facebook or Twitter, that the battle system with [C] makes me think it would work in a video-game, particularly an RPG.  There were a number of brutal displays in battle, such as being Entrés being stabbed and slashed at by Asset or DIRECT attacks, depicting black blood and money falling out. Also when Mysu was brutally injured in Episode 6 by Kou’s Asset, Angel. And then there’s the last episode where Jennifer is literally cleaved in half by Mikuni’s DIRECT attack.

Taku Iwasaki is one of the my favourite anime composers after Soul Eater, and there were a couple of tracks in this show that I really liked, and I’ll be looking forward to getting my hands on the soundtrack. Speaking of music, the ED by School Food Punishment is one of my favourite EDs of all time.

The finale (and by “finale”, I speak about the last two episodes) dealt with the oncomings of [C] which was some sort of chain-reaction that would pretty much destroy a country/district/continent’s financial economy. With Mikuni bent on sacrificing the futures of the entire country for his goal, Jennifer and Yoga team up to take down Mikuni. With help with that information broker, they plot to send the value of the Japanese yen to almost nothing, which in effect would lower the value of the Midas Money. (By the way, if I’m not making sense, that’s okay. I don’t think I’M making sense either.)

A lot of the last episode contain battles of an epic proportion. I guess it’s to make up for all the previous battles. Battles or Deals were never this show’s focal point, which is why they cut off the fight against Kou and Angel in Episode 6, or why the show didn’t follow the “fight-of-the-week” formula that many viewers excepted it to do. We got to see what Msyu’s Macroflation is and the full extent of Q’s power. Msyu’s Macro is Overheated Economy, which in fact, references the term of overheated an economy. Q is able to chomp out various parts of the battlefield really quickly which makes her incredibly deadly. Her Macroflation involves her stunning the enemy in place so that they can’t move. While Msyu and Q were battling it out, Yoga and Mikuni were busy having a Final Fantasy duel with their DIRECT beamswords. It was a bit crazy for them to be running up walls and such, but oh well. Mikuni is defeated by the all powerful punch to the face. The ender of a number of final battles in anime. (I’m looking at you, Soul Eater.)

In all, [C] was interesting to watch. I would only really re-watch this just to get a better understanding of the story. I’d only recommend this show to people who think the concept is interesting or any people with a good understanding of the economy. I give this show a 7/10.

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  1. I couldn’t help but cry “EETS A PUNNCH” when he finally planted his face in Mikuni’s face. Other than that, you’re not alone in not really understanding the ending. It was all quite enjoyable, but the actual finale could have been more fleshed out (or perhaps more coherent in the first place).

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