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Ano Natsu de Matteru 02 – Together With Senpai…

Here, have some oppai. You earned it.

「先輩といっしょ…」 (Senpai to Issho…)
“Together with Senpai…”

Now again, I’ll say that I haven’t seen Onegai Teacher, but the fact that Ichika kept saying “Onegai!” during the opening scene had me a little amused. Anyway this episode sure was an amusing one. Read the rest of this entry

Mouretsu Pirates 02 – My Power, The Power of Pirates

Unfortunately, there aren't any space shenanigans yet.

「私の力、海賊の力」 (Watashi no Chikara, Kaizoku no Chikara)
“My Power, A Pirate’s Power”

I still don’t know whether or not I’m blogging this show or not, especially since it’s a 2 cour show which I don’t particularly like doing. However, I found myself writing notes about this episode without even knowing it, so I may as well do a small write-up. It’s interesting how the OPs that have become my favourite of this season all have the J-POP sound, instead of the J-Rock sound I tend to enjoy. I really like Mouretsu Pirates, fun and goofy OP and I’m in love with the ED too. Read the rest of this entry

Senki Zesshou Symphogear 02 – Noise & Dissonance

Senki Zesshou Symphogear

「雑音と不協和音と」 (Zatsuon to Fukyouwaron to)
“Noise & Dissonance”

Right, so I haven’t made a post on the first episode, but that’s because 1.) I still don’t know if I’m fully back on the whole blogging thing and 2.) I’m still going through premiere episodes at the moment. That said, I’m not going to go through the events of the first episode, though I will say this. I miss Kanade already. That being said, I have to pay mention to the OP of this show, it’s one of my favourites this season. Read the rest of this entry

Ano Natsu de Matteru 01- That’s Troubling, Senpai

Ano Natsu de Matteru

「困ります、先輩。」 (Komarimasu, Senpai.)
“That’s Troubling, Senpai.”

Now, pretty much right after this first episode was aired it seemed the general population of the anime community thought of this show as an almost carbon copy of Onegai Sensei. Now I’ve not seen Onegai Sensei, but I have heard of the series, though I don’t know any thing about. So for me, the premise of this show is pretty new to me. If anything, the character designs reminded me a lot of Toradora!, another show I’ve not seen before (except for two scenes I was in fandubs for). You’ve got the black-haired character with the glasses, blue-haired character, the blue-haired girl, the red-haired girl and the loli-looking strawberry blonde girl who looks a lot like Taiga from Toradora! Both these shows were done by J.C Staff and apparently share the same character designer or something. Read the rest of this entry

Mouretsu Pirates 01 – Pirates Are Coming Through! [First Impressions]

Bodacious Space Pirates

「海賊、罷り通る」 (Kaizoku, Makaritooru)
“Pirates Are Coming Through!”

I was gonna do a quick post on Highschool DxD, but then I thought to myself: “Really…?” Instead, I decided to go with the much better Mouretsu Pirates, or Bodacious Space Pirates. I watched this episode twice. First time by myself, and then again today with my girlfriend, introducing her to the show. Mouretsu Pirates is a space adventure/opera by animation company Satelight. Read the rest of this entry

Guilty Crown 03 – Void Sampling

He doesn't look very nice.

「顕出」 (Kensyutsu)
“Void Sampling”

I gotta stop writing these so late. I’ll make the same excuse again, it’s university and the social life that’s causing me to not have any time for anime. That said, this episode was slightly slower, and took it down a little bit from the past two episodes. Still it was rather fun, as we were introduced to the rest of the cast briefly. Read the rest of this entry

Guilty Crown 01 – Genesis

I don't know about you, but I enjoyed this opening episode.

“Hassei” (発生)

I haven’t had a screenshot with subtitles in it for ages, I guess this is probably my first post since I got my new MacBook Pro.

It’s been some time since my last post here, and I’m actually just trying to catch up with over a week’s worth of new anime. I’ve been to a lot of social events with my new university and having late nights. On top of that I have a flexible part-time job at London’s O2 Arena, so I actually don’t have as much time for anime than I used to. That being said, I’m taking this time I have now to write about my first impressions of Guilty Crown, the only show I’ll probably be blogging (unless Mirai Nikki gets more better than it is now). Read the rest of this entry

Kamisama Dolls 13 – Kyouhei, The Seki [END]

No, not even this truly happened in this episode.

「隻・枸雅匡平」 (Seki, Kuga Kyouhei)
“Kuga Kyouhei, The Seki”

I can’t help but feel that the ending to this show was a little worthwhile. It’s gonna be a short post because I have an anime backlog I don’t want. This post is particularly a week late because of Freshers Week, which I briefly mentioned on my NOTICE bar (top of the sidebar). Pretty much partied and raved all week. ANYHOO. Read the rest of this entry

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai! 00 – Prologue

What am I getting myself into?

 I Don’t Have Many Friends

Episode 0

When I asked Jeremiah if I could return to Two Over One, I honestly had no idea what was in store for anime in the fall 2011 season. He provided me a list, I reviewed my choices, and settled on three anime.

  1. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
  2. Fate/zero
  3. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

I think Mr. Hopper said it better himself when “one of these things just doesn’t belong here.” Now, I give credit where credit is due, BokuTomo (as I’m lazily calling it) definitely manned up in their preview episode by exploiting the cliches of standard slice-of-life, attire anime and implementing it in a not-sure-if-serious, but nonetheless hilarious she-bang.

Read the rest of this entry

Fall 2011 Line Up!

Right, it’s time to do this line-up post for the fall season for 2011. As I look at the list of anime being aired, it’s got a number of sequels and remakes, along with quite a large number of original shows. Also, I’ve got InstraClassic back on the site. 2 seasons ago, he provided his first impressions on IS: Infinite Stratos.

As usual, I’ll start with whatever shows that are being covered on the site, then the shows I am personally watching, and then the shows I am checking out. Read the rest of this entry