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My reactions to the offical English cast of Highschool of the Dead


English Cast is out.


I’m not gonna lie, when people on YouTube said my Highschool of the Dead fandubs should be the official dub, they weren’t fucking kidding. I used think: “Ah, come on! Surely we’re not THAT good. The dub will probably be better.” I am now EATING those words right now.

So in case you didn’t know, the English cast of Highscool of the Dead was announced today. This is the cast. (Click on the links to see clips with the characters and their English voices.)

Takashi Komuro – Leraldo Anzaldua
Rei Miyamoto – Jessica Boone
Saya Takagi – Maggie Flecknoe
Kohta Hirano – Mark X. Laskowski
Saeko Busujima – Taylor Hannah
Shizuka Marikawa – Monica Rial
Hisashi Igou – David Matranga
Alice Maresato – Brittney Karbowski
Rika Minami – Melissa Davis
Kouichi Shido – Illich Guardiola
Soichiro Takagi – Andrew Love
Yuriko Takagi – Shelley Calene-Black

These are my general thoughts on the voices based on the clips from above.

Takashi Komuro :: Eh, sounds okay… I’d have to hear hear him do something else other than what I heard in his clip.

Rei Miyamoto :: Are you FUCKING kidding me? That whole post-Hishashi’s death scene was just awkward.

Saya Takagi :: The voice it fit pretty well…but I fear it may be one of those voices that’ll get annoying. Especially with a character like Saya. Not bad, though. OH WAIT. Just heard her, in Kohta’s clip. She’s horrible. “Hey, are you listening!?” Ugh, that sounded bad.

Kohta Hirano :: I don’t even know here. Like…we only got to hear one side of Kohta in this clip which is his trigger happy side. I wanna hear the softer side to the character too. Not bad, though.

Saeko Busujima :: What I heard, I liked a lot. Sometimes the deliveries falters, though.

Shizuka Marikawa :: DISLIKE. DISLIKE. DISLIKE. UUGHHH. I understand that’s more or less how the Japanese sounded, but at least that was tolerable to an extent. In English, she just sounds like a bouncing, bumbling idiot.

Hisashi Igou :: I LIKE. I LIKE. I LIKE. It sounded cool. Probably the best one out of all of them.