KamiMemo 01 – Two, Three Things You Should Know About Her

It's the only NEET thing to do.

It's the only NEET thing to do.

「彼女について知っている二、三の事柄」 (Kanojo ni Tsuite Shitteiru Ni, San no Kotogara)
“Two, Three Things You Should Know About Her”

Right, so I just got around to watching Kami-sama no Memo-chou (God’s Memo Pad) a while ago. It was actually a pre-air that aired on AT-X instead of being streamed online like the pre-air of Blood-C was. The actual air date of the first episode will be this Saturday 8th. The episode was an hour long, which was quite interesting. It’s leading me to believe that all the episodes might be that long. Half of me doesn’t want that, and the other half of me doesn’t really mind. I thoroughly enjoyed this first episode. I’ll be referring to the show as KamiMemo from now on.

「カワルミライ」 (Kawaru Mirai)
by ちょうちょ (Choucho) 

Is it just me, or does KamiMemo’s OP sound a lot like GOSICK’s OP? At least, just the beginning part? In any case, I generally like this OP, as I do with GOSICK’s. It isn’t anything special, but it does earn a spot on my playlist.

Can't even go four minutes into the episode with some form of fanservice, huh.

Can't even go four minutes into the episode with some form of fanservice, huh.


Well, the first episode had an hour to give us a good first impression about what this series has to offer. This would be good enough time to get in key with the characters, maybe get a little back story, and a completed case. And I believe we got all that. The episode opens up with a little bit of predicament as we see a high schooler taking her clothes off for man who looks like a 40 year old man. Then we see some dude come in and save her, but there’s a struggle, and then the girl eventually jumps off the balcony into the pile of trash you see above. Our main protagonist, Narumi Fujishima, is a witness to this act and tries to help the vulnerable young woman. However, he is intervened by a duo of NEETs.

Hiro, Major and Tetsu.

Hiro, Major and Tetsu.

It’s The Only NEET Thing To Do

Our sole member of the Computing Club, Narumi meets the sole member of the Gardening Club, Ayaka Shinozaki. They join each other’s clubs and they form an interesting friendship afterwards. Anyway, she takes him to Hanamaru, a ramen shop she works part-time at that is run by Min. It turns out the people Narumi ran into earlier are acquaintances of Ayaka and we’re formally introduced to all of them. There’s Tetsu, who’s a dropout from Narumi’s high school, that loves gambling. There’s Major (Shousa), who’s a university student with the appearance of a grade schooler (he actually doesn’t look that young, but oh well) and a gun otaku. He’s got nothing on Kohta Hirano, though. We’ve got Hiro, a manwhore and Yondaime, who works seperate from the group and has a violent attitude. There’s a fair amount of characters here, each with their own unique traits to make the cast interesting and fairly colourful.


Almost looks like a Homura headtilt there.

Alice, Messenger of the Dead

As soon as Alice was introduced it felt like GOSICK all over again. Alice was pretty reserved, yet fierce in her words much like Victorique was. She also had this sense of superiority as well. Alice is a shut-in who stays in her room all day. She is a NEET Detective. In case you don’t know what NEET stands for, it meants “Not in Education, Employment or Training”. She has large amount of computers (Macs) and screens at her disposal.

Well, it’s not so much a job because she’s not in “employment”. Though, while she does state she’s not a hacker, what she does to get information is still considered hacking. And she does this on a Mac? Alice explains that she is different from a normal detective. As a NEET Detective, she has can figure out the truth all from sitting in her room. She claims herself as the messenger of the dead, and has some fitting clothing to go with it.

I mean, really. At least wait until Narumi leaves the room before you start pulling Alice's pants down like that.

I mean, really. At least wait until Narumi leaves the room before you start pulling Alice's pants down like that.

First Impressions

I liked this episode. I liked it because I was given an hour to get in key with the characters, and have a little case solved too. The case itself was pretty interesting, though I’m not going to touch upon that for this post. Narumi is the type of guy who’s always complains about getting involved in uncanny situations when it’s  his fault for being a pushover. Still, I like his character. He’s can be pretty funny at times. With the music, I was very much so getting Taku Iwasaki vibes but I’m not completely sure who the music is composed by. People have knocked this show off as just a modern day version of GOSICK. While I do admit that Narumi+Alice and Kazuya+Victorique are similar in terms of their detective/assistant relationship, calling it a modern day version of GOSICK is really fair.



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  1. Not a bad series so far! I still wonder where JC Staff keeps making money? The animation is amazing! Of course it is the first episode so they probably put a bit extra into that.

    To early to say if it’s the best anime for summer! But we shall see, I really hope the mysteries are more fun compared to Gosick mysteries.

    • J.C Staff generally make some good stuff, so that’s probably where the money is coming from. Though J.C Staff’s track record of direction is a bit…eh.

      We can’t even THINK about a “best anime of summer 2011” at all yet.

      • True JC staff usually starts out super strong with first time episodes, I remember Railgun’s first episode was amazing! Because they got to show off Misaka’s powers and really push the animation. Index season two I don’t remember if it was anything amazing but yeah after a first episode they tend to fall apart T___T

        True that, we still have more damn shows to get through ahahaha

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