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Beelzebub 03 – In A Nutshell

I'll just leave this here.

Oga’s still trying to find someone more ruthless than him and Furuichi’s family thinks he’s gay.

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Beelzebub 02 – In A Nutshell

Leader Began Son

「子連れ番長 はじめました」 (Kozure banchō hajimemashita)
“Leader Began Son”

With Hilda living with Oga and leading his family to believe that Beelzebub is their son, Oga’s main order of business in this episode is to find someone much stronger than him since Beelzebub likes people with ruthless power. Also we learn that if Beel is any more than 15 meters away, then he’ll cry > electric shock. Which leads us to this piece of gold:

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Beelzebub 01 – Picked Up A Demon Lord

Welcome to Beelzebub.

「魔王拾いました」 (Maou Hiroimashita)
“Picked Up a Demon Lord”

What with all the 12 episode series been going on lately, I figured that this series would be the same. I only happened to find out that this will be a long-running series! I mean, if I had remembered that Studio Pierrot are the ones adapting this show, I wouldn’t be too surprised. However, if this is a long running series, it means that I’d had to blog every episode. That’s not going to happen. If I was a reader of the manga, I probably would but I’m not. What I’ll probably do is pull a “Star Driver” and blog this through to the end of the next season (basically 24 episodes) and then drop it for something else. But enough blog talk. I was supposed to check out the manga after hearing this show was gonna get adapted, however I didn’t get around to it. Now, I found this show to be absolutely hilarious, but there isn’t too much to say about the episode apart from two major things. But before that. Read the rest of this entry