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Sacred Seven 10 – The Memories of Aoi

The much needed flashback episode on the Aiba family.

「アオイの記憶」 (Aoi no Kioku)
“Memories of Aoi”

I’m surprised with myself. I actually liked this episode, and it feels like the show is just about ready to end itself with a somewhat satisfactory ending. Or maybe it could blow us all away with a really good one! Thought, with the way this series has been going, I doubt it. And oh my, my hands are freezing I can’t type properly. Read the rest of this entry

Sacred Seven 06 – One More Knight

Epicness. Sacred Seven just got good again.

「ワンモアナイト」 (Wan Moa Naito)
“One More Night”

Finally! No more of that filler nonsense we’ve seen for the past two episodes. Back to the canon plot. And that is the issue with Knight and his inability to contain his strength to stay human. We didn’t get to see Alma transform, but in return we got two nice fight scenes from other characters. Read the rest of this entry

Sacred Seven 05 – Mirror of the Heart

How do I feel about this episode, I wonder?

「心のカガミ」 (Kokoro no Kagami)
“Mirror of the Heart”

I’m late with this post, but I was also late with watching this episode. The fact of the matter here is that I’m actually forcing myself to watch this show in hope that somewhere along the line, it cut the bullshit and actually come out with something half-way decent. Read the rest of this entry

Sacred Seven 04 – Demon of the School Fair

Don't be fooled, nothing of importance really happened.

「学園祭のオニ」 (Gakuensai no Oni)
“Demon of the School Fair”

As soon as the episode started, I already started to get filler vibes. But then I thought, “Nah, Sacred Seven would go all filler on us on just Episode 4, would it?” Unforunately that was the case here. Nothing important actually happened. Well, I suppose there are a few things, otherwise there wouldn’t be much point of this post. Read the rest of this entry

Sacred Seven 03 – Crazy Knight

So, some good action happened this episode. I guess everyone's been waiting for that.

「クレイジーナイト」 (Kureijii Naito)
“Crazy Night”

I’m not sure how I feel about this episode, I dunno. I felt like not much happened when clearly a lot happened. Maybe it was the whole “I didn’t get what I came for but I have a new target.” cliffhanger was pretty lame and it left me rather disappointed. But now as I recall the episode, (because I only ever really watch an episode ONCE before I blog it), I believe we did reach a new level of progress in terms of plot. So let’s run down through what this episode gave us. Read the rest of this entry

Sacred Seven 02 – Lapis Lazuli-Coloured Bond

Sure beats that crappy moped-looking thing he usually rides in.

「ルリ色の絆」 (Ruri-iro no Kizuna)
“Lapis Lazuli-Colored Bond”

Oh dem references. Ruri (琉璃) means Lapis Lazuli which is quite a precious stone. And what with the show’s theme with rocks and stone, it only seems fitting. In any case, I got to watching the second episode today. For some reason, this episode came out quick for me. It doesn’t feel that long since the last episode. In any case, this episode was pretty interesting. Read the rest of this entry

Sacred Seven 01 – Awakening of the Stone


Oh hey there, Megaman ZX.

「イシの目覚め」 (Ishi no Mezame)
“Awakening of the Stone”

I have a bunch of tweets that could sum up my thoughts of this episode, so I’m just gonna combine them all and create this post. What we have here is a original anime by Sunrise. On the surface it looks like a high school mecha shounen. A lot of people have been comparing this to Star Driver which isn’t fair. To me, Star Driver wasn’t even shounen. In any case, let’s get this post underway. Read the rest of this entry