Mayo Chiki! 06 – Let’s Start a War!

Jirou's rollin' with the girls.

「戦争を始めましょう」 (Sensou wo Hajimemashou)
“Let’s Start a War”

I’ve been rather busy lately, so I had to make the last Kamisama Dolls post a really short one, so that I don’t build up a backlog. I watched this episode on the Friday it came out, but I must’ve not watched all of it, because I was looking at some screenshots and I saw stuff I didn’t remember. Frankly, those scenes were at the end and I’m not too bothered to go back and watch that. This episode catered a little bit to those in need of a bit of fanservice, really.

It's a damn costume. How is it making those SPARKLY EYES? Oh and that lil' doujin of Jirou and Subaru wasn't so bad.


A new character was introduced. Well, she isn’t actually new but she’s been formally introduced this episode as Nakuru Narumi. I lol’d at the subgroup who did the subbed version of the episode I watched that translated “Nakuru” as “Knuckle”. I mean, honestly. They weren’t trying to be clever, guys. Nakuru is an actual name. In any case, for most of the episode she’s in this sheep costume as shown above, and only shows her head when she’s like…knocked out and the head comes off. She’s introduced as the leader of the Mimamorukai (the good guys), and warns Jirou that Usami is probably lying about her deal (which, in fact, she was).

Bless her. Still wondering if those are actual cat ears on her head. A safe bet is that they are not actual cat ears and she just wears them. I actually know someone in real life who wears cat ears on the regular. She’s voiced by Kana Asumi who I loved as Mel from Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X and Yukikaze from Dog Days.

Anyway, the tension between Subaru and Usami is brought forward to the table this episode as Subaru seems to have chosen not to sulk all day over the fact that Jirou is with Usami. Interesting the way she interfered with their alone time. Part of me was confused, because Usami was showing very faint signs of affection for Jirou, when I’m pretty sure she loves Subaru instead. Along with that, the rivalry between Subaru and Usami was amusing because Subaru is supposed to be a boy, yet she’s wearing the body hugging chinese dress with proper cleavage and that high slit up her leg, and people is still supposed to think she’s a guy? I don’t even remember why she’s wearing that in the first place. If I remember correctly, their class was cross-dressing I think?

An interesting team of pop quizzers.

Pop Quiz of Death

At the end of the day, this whole epic war between the S4 and the Mimamorukai was nothing more than a pop quiz on Subaru, handled by none other than Kanade. SURPRISE FACTOR = ZERO. When Kanade asked who Subaru’s first kiss was with, I was immediately shouting “Bitch!” repeatedly throughout that who scene as Subaru declared it was Jirou, and then Kanade playing the tape when Subaru performed mouth-to-mouth and then Jirou saving face by declaring that Kanade was his love and then Kanade rejecting him in front of EVERYONE. Yeah, that was just hilarious, really.

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  1. Ohhh this episode! Really good I did enjoy Usami’s character kind of changing in this she isn’t as annoying as I first thought. She just needs to make some friends of her own and stop stealing others! Anyway I was shocked no one figured out Subaru’s gender! You can soo see her bust in that china dress…

    Kanade! Still the best ❤

    • It’s brought up in the manga, but everyone thinks it’s part of “his” costume.
      I hope they make more of this series, either video or manga, there just isn’t enough.

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