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Freezing 08 – Pandora Queen [NSFW]

Pandora Queen

Just so you know, none of this happens in the manga, which means it’s an anime-original episode. In the manga, we’re treated to a nice little date with Kazuya and Satella at an amusement park. BUT NO. The producers’ are all about the fan-service. Why else would people buy the DVD/BDs? So we’ve got the prom, and then we’ve got the Pandora Queen contest where people vote for the most attractive Pandora on campus.

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OreImo! 12 – TRUE ROUTE


True Route

To be honest, I skipped all the way to last quarter of the show, since everything before that seemed to be the same. The difference doesn’t actually kick in until 20 minutes in.

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Yumekui Merry 08 – Dream Corridors


Dream Corridor

「夢回廊」 (Yume Kairō)
“Dream Corridor”

This episode was BOOORRINGG. Heck, even the beach episode before this was boring. It brought nothing new to the table. And the lack of Treesea this week makes me sad. Even at the end, where it seemed we were gonna get treated to nice co-op fight between Merry and Engi against that clown thingy. I haven’t been following the manga recently because Chizuru has interferred with the canon story a bit too much, though I’ll still read the manga at a later time for the sake of it. But I may as well go over a few things in the episode.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica 08 – I’m Such A Fool

PROBLEM? trollface.jpg

「あたしって、ほんとバカ」 (Atashitte, Honto Baka)
“I’ve been such a fool”

Yeah, it’s THAT episode. The one everyone’s been talking about. I know grown men who cried at this episode. Like, seriously. As someone who shed tears at episodes 10 and 11 of Soul Eater, I can say that I am not one of those people. Though I can’t deny that this episode was one big shock. Also, a bit of SPECULAH have was confirmed in this episode, but we’ll get onto that in a bit. There’s one thing I should mention before I start the post. MyssaRei had tweeted a link to a flash game where you can beat the crap out of Kyubey. My highest score is 143 HITS so far. The link to the game is HERE.

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Ahem, yeah. I managed to fix my laptop…but at the cost of losing everything on my harddrive. As you can guess, I had to do a system restore to factory settings, to solve the problem. I wasn’t able to back up anything, so I have to start afresh.

Brb, gonna download Firefox.

Laptop is dead.

My laptop died. All of a sudden, it won’t start up. It goes to a Startup Repair screen, and then fails to repair. FUCKING BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

So, um, I won’t be updating anime episode reviews for a LONG while. But I’ll try to make short posts and stuff. I don’t know when I’ll get my laptop fixed, if I get it fixed at all.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Fandub – “I’m A Zombie!”

A Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Fandub

Clip done! Here’s a clip from the first episode of the new Winter season show “Kore wa Zombie desu ka?” Here, Ayumu unassumingly takes on the role of being a magical girl…err…boy.

Ayumu Aikawa :: TriPredRavage
Man/Giant Crayfish :: TheCheetoBandito
Haruna :: Ayame

Extras/Walla :: TriPredRavage, TheCheetoBandito, Cydonia, Jordan

SFX: VAA SFX Library, self-made
Mixing By: McTricky

Soundtracks Used:
God Eater OST
Sora no Otoshimono Forte OST
Hexyz Force OST
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai! OST
Star Ocean 3 (Director’s Cut) OST
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OP Single


Yeah I’m behind. University is a pretty big deal.

As the title says, I haven’t really blogged or watched any of the latest episodes of anime because of outside life stuff, and also for the fact that universities are now getting back to me regarding my applications and I’m being called in for interviews and such. I even had one today with a university called Ravensbourne, which I really wanna go to. The interview went down really well, in case you’re interested. I’ll try and get things back on the road this Thursday starting with Madoka 8 and Merry 8.

Freezing 06 – Machination




I totally wanna do an “In A Nutshell” post for this because man, I didn’t realize how busy I’m getting until now. But I have to at least say something about Rana and Satella.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica 06 – This Just Isn’t Right


This Just Isn't Right

「こんなの絶対おかしいよ」 (Konna no Zettai Okashii yo)
“This just isn’t right”

So we’re at that stage where we’re halfway through the one-cour shows. Thought Mami’s death was serious business? Pfft, that’s old news. This is where everything is at. Even though this episode was quite intense, I’m trying to keep posts concise so I’m only going to touch up on a few points made in this episode.

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