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Yumekui Merry 13 – Dream Again [END]

Dream Again

「夢ふたたび」 (Yume Futatabi)
“Dream Again”

What is thi–I don’t even…I just…UUUGGGHHHH. Alright, so Yumekui Merry has now ended and my, did it leave off in such a bad way. Which reminds me, I need to update my account. So, for the first time I had hooked up my laptop to  my huge 50 inch widescreen T.V in the livinig room and I decided to watch the finale of this show. It looked great on the TV, btw. But the actual episode was all sorts of predictable and half-assed nonsense. Read the rest of this entry

Yumekui Merry 12 – Nightmare


「夢縁」 (Muen)

I was told by my best friend that Yumekui Merry couldn’t possibly end by next episode and that there’s no way they could wrap everything up by then. He also thinks that the show might get another season as such. Well, if by some chance it does, I won’t be watching it. More after the break. Read the rest of this entry

Yumekui Merry 11 – Guardian of Dreams

Guardian of Dreams

「夢の守り人」 (Yume no Mamoribito)
“Guardian of Dreams”

Wow, haven’t posted anything for a while. Two main reasons are because of the earthquake and Tsunami that happened in Japan which obviously affected TV schedules, second reason was that I was in the university interview period, which is over now, so I thought now would be the time to start posting again. IN ANY CASE, WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? The prelude episode tothe prelude episode to the end of the show. It had what it needed, progress, character interaction, a fight scene with the main baddie. So why did I feel rather unsatisfied by the end?

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Yumekui Merry 09 – Dreams Disturbed

Dreams Disturbed

「夢乱れて」 (Yume Midarete)
“Disturbed Dreams”

I honestly don’t know where this story is going, or what to think of this show right now. What also comes to mind is the irrelavance of the plot synopsis. I’ve seriously had one girl say to me that me that she isn’t going to watch the show because all the show is about is dreams with cats in them, and thought that it was a pretty retarded concept. The show isn’t like that at all. With wacky pacing, a LOT of foreshadowing going on and Chizuru’s ACTUAL involvement being this late in the show (even though she didn’t say a word this episode, AGAIN), I’m becoming pretty disappointed in this show. But in any case, it seems that we’re moving on towards an original anime ending. Read the rest of this entry

Yumekui Merry 08 – Dream Corridors


Dream Corridor

「夢回廊」 (Yume Kairō)
“Dream Corridor”

This episode was BOOORRINGG. Heck, even the beach episode before this was boring. It brought nothing new to the table. And the lack of Treesea this week makes me sad. Even at the end, where it seemed we were gonna get treated to nice co-op fight between Merry and Engi against that clown thingy. I haven’t been following the manga recently because Chizuru has interferred with the canon story a bit too much, though I’ll still read the manga at a later time for the sake of it. But I may as well go over a few things in the episode.

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Yumekui Merry 06 – Dream Encounter

Dream Encounter

「夢邂逅(かいこう)」 (Yume Kaikō)
“Dream Encounter”

I’m not up to this point in the manga, so I can’t really do any comparing. But in any case, what I did see in the episodes was rather interesting and the episode basically tells us a few things such as who Phaoros is, about Dream Loss, and stuff. Also you might be interested to know that Sentai Filmworks has licensed the show.

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Yumekui Merry 05 – Astray In A Dream

Astray In A Dream

「夢の中でアストレイ」 (Yume no naka de asutorei) “Astray in a Dream”

I’m rather aware of how late this post is. As you might know, the recent release of Lord of Arcana for the PSP has had me busy. Also I’ve resumed playing Xenoblade on the Wii, and today I’ve been waiting for The Last Story to arrive. ANYWAY, WHAT DID WE HAVE HERE? The beginning of Vol.2 in the manga, we are introduced to a new character named Yui and we are further introduced to Engi. (I’m aware that GG Subs named her Play, which works, but I’m gonna stick with Engi here).

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Yumekui Merry 04 – Dream Eater Merry

Dream Eater Merry

「夢喰いメリー」 (Yumekui Merry)
“Dreameater Merry”

Last week I was hoping that JC Staff would wrap up the last two chapters of Volume 1 of the manga in one episode and that’s exactly what they did today. I’m glad the manga has resumed scanlation so I can read ahead, and Chapter 6 was my favourite Chapter in that volume (and so far). At first I thought Chizuru was just a character that was introduced that should not have been introduced yet. But as I read more of the manga, the more I begin to assume she’s an anime-exclusive character, or something. The same goes for Yumi, though, whether or not we’ll actually see her again hangs in question.

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Yumekui Merry 03 – From The Other Side of The Dream


From The Other Side of the Dream

「夢の向こうから」 (Yume no Mukou kara)
“From Beyond the Dream”

This was a pretty decent episode, and I quite enjoyed it, even though I knew what was going to happen. Today’s episode focuses on young girl named Minato, a cute and clumsly little fellow who has no friends.

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Yumekui Merry 02 – Of Dreams and Hopes


Of Dreams and Hopes

「夢もキボーも」 (Yume mo Kibou mo)
“Dreams and Hopes”

Well, Episode 2 of Yumekui Merry is out and I had quite a few expectations for this episode after reading the next few chapters of the manga after the first episode. This episode didn’t have much going on, but progress was made and there was development. The episode is called Dreams and Hopes which is the same name of Chapter 2 of the manga, yet nothing in this episode happens in Chapter of the manga, but in Chapter 3 titled Only A Dream. In any case, there were a few things I picked up from the plot by comparing this episode to the manga. There were a couple of new bits, bits that didn’t happen in the manga, but I can imagine that this was due to the fact that not much happened in that chapter and needed to fill the gap. With all respect, more or less everything (with minor changes) in that chapter was shown in this episode.

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