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Lord of Arcana #1 – Prologue

Lord of Arcana

I have a plugin on my PSP that allows me to take screencaps of whatever is on my screen, which is essentially helpful for things like this. This’ll be my first time blogging a game, and I imagine that this post will be my first impressions of the game as the rest of the posts will probably be short posts. So, Lord of Arcana came out today in Europe, while it came out over in America a few days ago on January 24th. My best friend, Leevan told me about this game yesterday when he saw it at Gamestation and we went there to look at the casing. I was immediately drawn in by its cover art which was pretty damn amazing. I looked at a few screenshots and I immediately thought that this would be something among the likes of Bayonetta, Dante’s Inferno, Devil May Cry, etc. Turns out it isn’t like that. The game is more like the Monster Hunter, Tales of, and Phantasy Star series. More after the break.

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Yuna Confirmed For Brawl


Yuna in her X outfit.

So Fractale is loading and I’m waiting for the rest of Thursday’s anime to come out, so I thought I’d just say something about Yuna being in Dissidia 012. Read the rest of this entry

[3L Pro] Tales of Vesperia – Mystic Arte Exhibition [FANDUB]

Right, so I just released a fandub of Tales of Vesperia‘s Mystic Artes. Part of my “Tales of Mystic Artes” project. Check it out below.

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Tales Namco, Lolis and Indignation

Namco Bandai Games


If you’re an avid “Tales of” fan, you’d know that Namco sucks when it comes to localizing their best Tales of games. They also keep re-releasing and porting their games to different consoles because they keep forgetting put certain things in the original. A loli and Indignation, among other things.

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