Kami-sama Dolls 02 – God’s Intensive Training

Dat Kyouhei lookin' real grim.

Yeah, screw it. I’m not blogging two mystery shows, so Dantalian no Shoka is dropped for coverage. I might do a first impressions post on it, though. We’ll see. I also love how I said I’m only gonna cover two shows this season, yet I still end up covering four. Oh well, at least I’m watching a lot less shows. Outside the four I’m covering, I’m only watching Dantalian no Shoka and kinda Mawaru Penguindrum. In any case, enough rambling about irrelevant things, I have to say that this episode was quite a good one. I’m also making this post rather short, because it’s late and I need to catch up on Steins;Gate.


A New Challenger Appears, Kuuko

I almost did a double take when I heard that Miyuki Sawashiro had voiced this character. I don’t believe I’ve heard her in such a role. In any case, I really like her character. One reason is because of her rather forward personality. The other main reason is her current ties to the plot at hand, and that she isn’t just a character to fill up the cast. Not only did she catch a glimpse of Kukuri whilst she was being saved, her “father” is a detective who’s working on the case involving the recent explosion back at Kyouhei’s old apartment. Having him digging into things isn’t really a good idea now, is it? I also find the relationship between Kuuko and her “father” to be quite interesting and somewhat amusing from what I’ve seen.

Obviously, it seems whatever happened in the past is going to play some major role in this story.

Kukuri and the Tragic Past

When Kyouhei told Hibino than he got demoted due to being unskilled with a kakashi, I thought that was utter lies. We viewers haven’t forgotten about the glimpses of the horrible past. Whatever happened, it seemed brutal. People were killed, the kakashi’s went out of control and started lazering everything. This HAS to be the reason why he left the village. He’s also probably more talented at controlling Kukuri than he let on. With Utao going under intensive training, we get to how the link between a Seki and a Doll works. Well, sorta. When Kuuko gets caught up in a potential explosion, Utao uses Kukuri to save her. However, Kuuko was WAY over at the other end of the large pond and through the trees. There could have been no-way to see from that far, yet Kyouhei was able to see from his binoculars somehow. I’m also surprised he brought such things to begin with. The physical interactions between Seki and Doll seem to be movement based, however last episode, Aki was able to control his Doll with really moving much at all. This could probably be due to their experience levels. Also, could it be possible that Utao is able to see through the eye of Kukuri to see what she was doing? It’s these kinds of things that gets viewers thinking, and that’s why I really liked the episode.

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