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Sayaka’s Speech


“Mami’s dead! She’s gone! But she’s right there on my back and here in my heart! She lives on as a part of me! If you’re gonna wish, wish for a better tomorrow! No matter what’s in my way I won’t stop! Once I’ve cut through, it means I’ve won!

Yeah, I was bored and I saw this and I thought: “WHY THE HELL NOT?” Probably sucks and I can’t remember his speech all too well, but whatever.


Puella Magi Madoka Magica 02 – That’d Make Me Happy


That'd Make Me Happy

「それはとっても嬉しいなって」 (Sore wa Tottemo Ureshii Natte)
“That Would Make Me Really Happy”

NOW I know why I love this show. Mami Tomoe is officially awesome. I’m glad I decided to give this show a watch because there’s some pretty good stuff going on with this show. Also, over the past week I’ve grown to fall in love with the show’s OP. Heck, even today I learned the chorus to the song on piano! I think I’m becoming a fan of ClariS. In any case, this week’s episode served as an explanation to the situation, who Mami is, what Kyube is, who Akemi is, what witches are, basically everything.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica 01 – As If I Met Her In My Dreams…

Meet Madoka.

「夢の中で会った、ような。。。」 (Yume no Naka de Atta, Youne…)
“As if I met her in my dreams…”

SURPRISE! I replaced StarrySky with this show. So a couple of things before we get into this. This show is an original show made by SHAFT, meaning there’s no canon material for it to follow. I believe this show has two names. “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica” and “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”. I don’t know what the deal with that is, or if they both mean the same thing. In any case, this is a magical girl anime. I will tell you NOW, that I haven’t watched a magical girl anime properly since the days of Sailor Moon. So I’m stepping into quite an unfamiliar territory. Now, I will also tell you NOW that my main reason for checking this show out was because of the voice talent in the show. Particularly the fact that the young and fresh Aoi Yuuki was going to be playing Madoka, the main character. I particularly enjoyed her role as Jubei Yagyuu (both personas) in the recent Hyakkaryouran: Samurai Girls show. Not to mention that the likes of Emiri Katou and Eri Kitamura were also voicing in this. So, yeah. The fact that I’m blogging this now means that this must’ve left a good impression on me, no? Read the rest of this entry