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Another – Review

Another (TV)
Review written by Erik “InstraClassic” Jorgensen

It’s April 7th, 2012, only a little less than two weeks since Another ended. Yet, the impression of this anime has stuck with me since I began watching it around March 13th. The final showdown that was the last couple of episodes was simply a cheery to be included on the proverbial sundae. I never thought I’d see the day I’d be stumped when it comes to attempting to paraphrase my opinion towards an anime. First and foremost, Another is, without a doubt, one of the greatest achievements in entertainment since I have embraced such concepts at the age of eight. Such words are met with skepticism and nitpicking, but I find it difficult to hate or even relatively dislike this show.

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Hiatus until end of August

Gonna be on a short hiatus until the end of August. Some good reasons and some petty reasons. Good reasons include not having enough time to watch anime, let alone blog ’em than I would like to have. Also, I have to get stuff ready for university, since I GOT ACCEPTED. Petty reasons include…well, most of my other spare time go into playing The World Ends With You and Radiant Historia, the latter of which I only received today.

AnoHana 11 – Farewell, Menma [END]

Farewell, Menma

「あの夏に咲く花」 (Ano Natsu ni Saku Hana)
“The Flower Blooming on That Summer”

First of all, I didn’t cry. I was supposed to but I watched this show at 4am. I guess I was just too tired to cry. Second of all, I know I said in my last post about my current situation and about how I can’t really post about anime. I still can’t. But see, college is over, and I have until September free (unless I get a job that is). I may not have a laptop, but I’m able to utilize my little brother’s one, but only at night. So I can only watch anime at night, and I can only blog about it at night. That explains why I’m writing this at bloody 4am in the morning. While I’m not back in full-swing, I just wanted to pop in and share my impressions on AnoHana. Read the rest of this entry

Why I haven’t posted anything in a while.

Well, first of all let me say that I’m surprised that this site is still getting hits after my length of inactivity. 10k hits, I’m rather pleased. In any case, I haven’t posted anything in ages because many things have happened with me over the past month. Most recent of which is that my stepdad got violent towards me and my laptop ended up getting smashed at his hands, so that’s basically everything I do online gone. Though this happened last Thursday. Before that, I’ve just been finalizing all the work I need to hand in by Monday 20th June. I should be doing work now, instead of doing this but oh well.

I haven’t watched anime in AGES, and really the only shows I’ve been keeping up with (by going over to my friend’s house) is [C], Ao no Exorcist and Deadman Wonderland. AnoHana and Hanasaku Iroha are done, I think? I’m gonna catch up with those during the summer. As for a new laptop, well I don’t know if my stepdad is paying for a new one (he better). If not, I’ll wait until my university grants come in on September and buy a Macbook then.

In other words, there won’t be any anime related posts here for a long while.

[PSP] Grand Knights History

Grand Knghts History

So, I recently caught wind of Vanillaware‘s upcoming game. It’s called Grand Knights History which will be an JRPG for the PSP. I’ve never played Muramasa, but I did purchase Odin Sphere a few months ago and I still haven’t gotten past Gwendolyn’s story (which is like…the first one). GrimGrimoire slipped by me, because I never saw it in any shops here in London. That tends to happen with RPGs that aren’t Final Fantasy or Star Ocean. This game will have a traditional turn-based system, unlike Odin Sphere and Muramasa, which were both action-RPGs. Read the rest of this entry

Steins;Gate coverage droppped.

I’m dropping Steins;Gate coverage for a number of reasons.

1) Steins;Gate is becoming a chore to write about and I don’t understand the show as well as I should do.

2) Time. Now that I’m a writer at Mon0r, I would need sometime to come up with and write stuff for that site too, though I won’t be doing episodics on that site or anything.

3) Further on the time thing, college is coming back soon and well, there’s some work that needs to get done before that happens, otherwise no university for me D;

4) Another reason, that I just forgot.

I am still watching the show, mind you, but I’m just not blogging it anymore.


Ahem, yeah. I managed to fix my laptop…but at the cost of losing everything on my harddrive. As you can guess, I had to do a system restore to factory settings, to solve the problem. I wasn’t able to back up anything, so I have to start afresh.

Brb, gonna download Firefox.

Laptop is dead.

My laptop died. All of a sudden, it won’t start up. It goes to a Startup Repair screen, and then fails to repair. FUCKING BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

So, um, I won’t be updating anime episode reviews for a LONG while. But I’ll try to make short posts and stuff. I don’t know when I’ll get my laptop fixed, if I get it fixed at all.

Yeah I’m behind. University is a pretty big deal.

As the title says, I haven’t really blogged or watched any of the latest episodes of anime because of outside life stuff, and also for the fact that universities are now getting back to me regarding my applications and I’m being called in for interviews and such. I even had one today with a university called Ravensbourne, which I really wanna go to. The interview went down really well, in case you’re interested. I’ll try and get things back on the road this Thursday starting with Madoka 8 and Merry 8.

Busy with video gaming once again?

Man, a lot of good games have been coming out lately. Because of this, I’ve more or less gone back into video game mode.

Lord of Arcana

This is an obvious one. I got the game for my PSP the day it came out, and of course I’m blogging my progress here. The game is basically the product if Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star had a Final Fantasy baby. I think I’ve clocked in 8 hours of gameplay into this so far.


I’ve actually had this for ages, but I’m kinda on and off with this but I’ve recently started playing this again. I really love this game. It’s music, the story and the battle elements, especially the Vision system is really cool. Can’t remember how many hours of gameplay I’ve clocked in, but it’s probably 20+ hours.

The Last Story

I got this a game a couple of days ago, and it’s the main game I’m currently playing. I’ve been this anticipating this game since it was first announced. The game has a lot of things that sets a part from other RPGs I’ve played. I’ve clocked in 12 hours of gameplay and I’m farming items and weapons off the online vs and co-op mode, because after Chapter 20 I have no idea where to go at the moment.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

It came out just yesterday…I think. Well, it came in the post yesterday, so yeah. I haven’t played it yet, because my PSP isn’t in my house right now. BUT I CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY. UGH.