Kamisama Dolls 13 – Kyouhei, The Seki [END]

No, not even this truly happened in this episode.

「隻・枸雅匡平」 (Seki, Kuga Kyouhei)
“Kuga Kyouhei, The Seki”

I can’t help but feel that the ending to this show was a little worthwhile. It’s gonna be a short post because I have an anime backlog I don’t want. This post is particularly a week late because of Freshers Week, which I briefly mentioned on my NOTICE bar (top of the sidebar). Pretty much partied and raved all week. ANYHOO.

Kukuri is no longer a pushover.

Past Demons, Social Link Up

Well, now. After the spectacular fight between Kukuri and a possessed Magatsuhi, the episode decides to settle and calm down for the remainder of the episode. In this time, they decided to confirm the feelings between Kyouhei and Hibino. I mean, I was just as shocked as the next guy was when Hibino initiated that kiss. I didn’t even roll my eyes, I was simply caught off guard. It didn’t really feel cliche or anything. From that moment, they got close, and I was rather amused by the repeated cases of cockblocking.

That aside, there were also issues with Kyouhei’s past with Kyouhei having dreams or rather, nightmares. It’s shown that Kyouhei is indeed capable of completely snapping as was shown in a flashback where he almost killed those who witnessed what happened. During the ending, I did kind of roll my eyes at the scene between Aki and Kyouhei. It was nice to see them get along, because I never saw Aki as much of a bad guy to begin with.

Amaterasu vs Kukuri once again.

Final Thoughts

You see, Kamisama Dolls definitely started out with something pretty interesting and worth watching. It’s pretty much the only reason I stuck with this show. However, what the began to do is WASTE TIME. I’m not too bent up about the ending really, I think it was done sort of well, but the show may have well be 2-cour with the way the show was setup. Either way, I enjoyed what I watched of the show. The show has my favourite OP and ED for the Summer season. The pacing of a lot of the episodes were somewhat jarring. You can jump from serious shit to a comedic moment in a flash with this show, and I didn’t like that too much, because they did it way too often. Sometimes, the art and animation were really poor, and the proportions of characters in some scenes where whack. Despite all this, I did like the show a great deal, but I’m giving this a 7/10.


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