Kami-sama Dolls 10 – The Beautiful Maiden Is Here!

The much needed explanation of the past. And this is all we need.

「美姫、繚乱」 (Biki, Ryouran)
“The Beautiful Maiden Is Here!”

Despite this episode being a fairly good episode, being the 10th episode of the series, I find it difficult to figure out where this series heading other than Amaterasu possibly being the final boss. That said, we got a formal introduction to Mahiru Hyuuga who is all sorts of crazy.

Kana Hanazawa playing an insane chick. *thumbs up*

Mahiru’s Game

Mahiru’s entrance was pretty powerful. She drops in, and then she slowly takes hold of Kyouhei’s arm that made her look like she was gonna judo flip him or something. Then with the public display of affection (E-rated, though) making Utao jealous. Heck, even Hibino’s face looked a little grim when she was all like: “Who the hell is this bitch?”. I still wonder why she’s even shown up, regardless if she showed up just for Kyouhei. Kyouhei seems to be a pretty big deal to everyone lately. To top it all off, she decides to pick a fight with everyone because everyone seemed to be picking on her. She has a rather powerful doll called Magatsuhi. Heck, she even manages to put Aki into submission. Aki seems like a saint compared to Mahiru now. That said, the episode had more than enough time to explain who the hell this chick is.

These flashbacks now make sense.

The Encounter

Koushiro wants answers and answers he will get. Kyouhei explains what happened many years ago. Once upon a time when Kyouhei, Aki and Mahiru were wee young lads and lassies, they made an extremely unluckly encounter with who can only be assumed to be Amaterasu, the strongest Doll of them all. Whatever this was, it was able to operate on it’s own and as shown in the episode it was extremely powerful. Seeing Kukuri, Kuremitsuha and Magatsuhi’s futile efforts to take her down was quite entertaining to watch, but then things got emotional and serious, as these little kids were being shot at and thrown about, though I did chuckle a little when Mahiru pee’d her self. They say that Kyouhei opened Kukuri’s left arm that “destroyed” Amaterasu. Or at least, Kyouhei doesn’t remember that part. All he remembers are the adults coming in to save them.

Still, all this does shed some light on Aki and Kyouhei’s past. But some reason, all that matters is the past. What about now, and the future? I don’t feel any impending danger or anything like that.

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