FREEZING 12 – Satellizer vs Pandora [END]

Satellizer vs Pandora

I think the finale to FREEZING was rather decent. Like Yumekui Merry, this was another finale that I watched on my huge widescreen TV. I’m glad Cathy wasn’t the final boss of the show, otherwise that would have been disappointing. Other than Satella settling an old fight, I don’t see why the fight with Cathy was so prominent.

How Was The Finale?

The FREEZING finale more or less had everything  a finale should have. An intense fight, emotional scenes, a secondary climax, entire cast banding together, etc. I was a bit shocked at Ganessa’s sacrifice, especially when her entire right arm was completely destroyed. Though, the emotion that was supposed to be carried out in the scene wasn’t all that great since Arthur was getting a little annoying shouting “SENPAI, IT’LL BE OKAY” for five minutes straight. I did sympthasize with him, though. He has a lot of love and faith for Gannessa senpai, so it isn’t wrong for him to be so unstable like that. As for the fight with Cathy, well, I was again surprised at how Satella went apeshit and beat the crap out of Cathy, even after breaking the stigma that was controlling her, Satella still had intent to kill her before Kazuya stops her. It was great to see Chiffron andd Tici’s weapons as they go up against Milene, but I was disappointed to NOT see them fight. I can understand because of time restraints and how the situation with Satella and Kazuya was where it was at. Seeing everyone band together and fight as allies (even though every one of them were enemies of Satella previously) against the Nova that had teleported into Maria’s chamber was great.


And they lived happily ever after.


Final Thoughts

FREEZING was a rollercoaster for me. It had its ups and downs and its twists and turns. The first half of the show focused on all the high-school drama against all the 3rd years, which made us worry if the anime were even going to touch upon the Nova attacks at any point. I figured that the Nova’s would have to be the final bosses of the show. Also, there are a few hints pointing towards a possible second season as we see glimpes Kazuya’s grandfather and another woman throught the episode. I was able to ignore and sometimes not even notice the fanservice displayed in this show as it went on. The main theme of the show was great, and I have the BD Vol.1 soundtrack on my iPod. I would definitely watch a second season if one were to be made. Seikon no Qwaser got one, so why can’t FREEZING? 8/10


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  1. Another winter show that started out strong! With great visuals and awesome characters.

    Sadly near the end I quickly lost interest in Satellizer’s story and cared more for Rana and Cassie.

    This was more annoying near the end I just wanted it to hurry and end xD I will probably just watch season two instead of blogging it.

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