Mayo Chiki! 02 – I’m In Love!

They actually do make a cute couple. No lie. Maybe PuriKura brings out the best in all of us.

「大好きになっちゃった!」 (Daisuki ni Nacchatta!)
“I’ve Fallen in Love!”

Another overdue post. I was gonna leave this until tomorrow, but then I thought let me just get it out of the way. I don’t even know how I would go about blogging a romantic comedy such as this, but let’s see what this episode brought us.


Kanade’s Kinky Shenanigans

Kanade, Kanade, Kanade…she’s merely a spectator on the sidelines, but still put fuel to the flames of Jirou and Konoe’s situation. Going as far as to hand Jirou a Sheep Ticket, a ticket that makes Konoe obey whatever the holder orders, and the orders are absolute. Kanade has some rather scandalous ideas in mind.

Boy, if I were in Jirou’s situation I would save those tickets for a rainy day. That said, Jirou ends up using the card to make her say “Baaa!” but even that was over 9000% on the HNNNGHHH-meter.

HNGH. That is all.

Kureha's Missile Kick was simply glorious.

Third Parties

A number of third parties have woven themselves into the story. One of them is S4 group – Shooting Star Subaru-Sama. It’s an in-school cult that basically obsesses over Subaru and will take down anyone who goes near “him”. Then there’s the opposing group Mimamorugai who protect Subaru in a more peaceful manner. Then there’s the obvious Kureha who has now fallen for Subaru after having been owned by “him” earlier. She admires her great strength that surpasses her own. Fair enough, but she’s in love with a girl and so begins the girl-on-girl harem.

She wants your babies now.

Jirou and Subaru

Watching their relationship (in the non-lovey way) develop is rather amusing and endearing. After being put up to the task of going on a simple date with Subaru, we get to see how cute she acts as a girl which is surprising for someone who has to be under the guise as a boy all the time. When Jirou goes to extreme lengths to keep Subaru’s secret during the physicals you can hardly saying he’s doing all that so he can save his own ass if anyone else finds out Subaru’s secret. He does seems to care about Subaru, and inevitably we’ll find that Jirou will start to develop feelings for her as the show goes on, if he hasn’t already.

NOTE: As a sidenote, what are the point of physicals anyway? Is it a Japanese/American thing? I don’t think we do that here in the UK…


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