Sacred Seven 03 – Crazy Knight

So, some good action happened this episode. I guess everyone's been waiting for that.

「クレイジーナイト」 (Kureijii Naito)
“Crazy Night”

I’m not sure how I feel about this episode, I dunno. I felt like not much happened when clearly a lot happened. Maybe it was the whole “I didn’t get what I came for but I have a new target.” cliffhanger was pretty lame and it left me rather disappointed. But now as I recall the episode, (because I only ever really watch an episode ONCE before I blog it), I believe we did reach a new level of progress in terms of plot. So let’s run down through what this episode gave us.

She be rockin' dem Beats!

A Handful Of New Faces

A word of note, the above picture is actually a minor edit posted by someone who commented over at Random Curiousity. This week’s episode presented us with a number of new faces, along with a proper introduction to Knight Kijima, the dodgy character clad in dark blue armour. His design reminds a lot of that of Killer from Shadow Hearts: From The New World. He’s another person with the power of Sacred Seven, who is also similar to Alma in the fact that he has a dormant Darkstone power just waiting to come out. He runs loose causing trouble as well as stealing these special drugs that slow down the effects of him turning into a Darkstone. He’s hiding out with Lau Fei Zui, presumably another Sacred Seven user. Also introduced is Yuuji Kenmi, a wealthy person who has an artificially made combat suit and holds a facility that supposed keeps Sacred Seven users safe and in shape so that they don’t abuse their powers. Another is an unnamed chick (shown above) who also appears to be a Sacred Seven user, but whether that outfit is artificially made or not is something I don’t know. Her attitude towards her duties is rather amusing and she isn’t voiced by a seiyuu, but rather a TV/Drama actor.

Knight vs Aruma

Expensive Gems and Grudges

It seems from this episode, things actually start rolling in terms of plot. It broke away from the monster of the week thing as we (or rather the characters) find out that Knight is behind the summonings of the Medusa Darkstone and the flying dragon one that Arma dealt with the past two episodes. One thing we all notice is that Ruri has to be with Arma in order to activate his power. However, she has to use a gem in order to activate it. Now, we all know that Ruri has money and stuff, but watching her outbid everyone and pay around 900k for a stone was pretty amusing. Oh, and I’m surprised at the lack of Engrish in that scene and the amount of ACTUAL English. These gems are a one-time-use thing, so they can’t be used over and over. Which means that Ruri has to keep buying gems for Aruma to use. Talk about an expensive mission to save the world. Anyway, it seems that Knight has got some sort of grudge against Yuuji Kenmi for whatever reason. Yuuji just wants to help him, but I’m getting “future-villain” vibes from this guy anyway. The fight scene on the bridge was pretty cool, and we got to see more of the power of the suits, especially Arma and Knight’s ability to phase through walls, and the latter’s ability to control the environments with snakes. Interestingly we get to see Arma back in his Darkstone form, only for a short time as he only goes into that form when he’s close to other Ashi.

So far, I’m liking the show and seems rather interesting.


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