Mayo Chiki 03 – On The Bed, Naturally

Subaru means business.

「もちろん、ベッドの上で」 (Mochiron, Beddo no Ue de)
“On The Bed, Naturally”

This episode was an slightly interesting one. Mayo Chiki is prone to being a generic romantic comedy in many different ways, but there are still a few things that keep it interesting. For instance, today we had what seemed to be the obligatory beach episode, but to me it didn’t feel like a beach episode. Mainly because there wasn’t much in the way of fanservice. No one had oversized boobs or anything to flaunt about, but rather it dealt with a bit of backstory on Subaru’s part.

Counter attack.

Silly Heroics

Putting the fact that Kureha was in on this episode aside, in this episode I witnessed something I see in anime time and time again. Many years ago when Kanade and Konoe were kids, they were kidnapped and held for ransom when they were at the pool park. The kidnappers were caught and everything, but this event traumatized Konoe to the point that she has an extreme fear of knives. The same thing happens again when they go to the pool park in this episode and it’s from this moment that alarms started ringing and I had figured that this was some sort of setup, quite possibly by Kanade, given her nature. Still, I went along with the flow.

After Jirou knocks Konoe out for a second, he rushes off to save Kanade and Kureha like an idiot, KNOWING that he probably can’t do crap against the enemy. Mr Wolf was insanely powerful, like…Subaru-tier. I think it’s interesting how the whole physically-abused-by-mother-and-sister thing developed a character trait of Jirou (having ridiculous endurance) rather than it just being a a silly little background gimmick that serves no purpose. After Jirou thoroughly get the crap beaten out of him, Subaru comes in to save the poor kid, overcoming her fear of knives as seen above. That was a bit too easy, and I was half-expecting her to falter a little. But nah, she was like “NO BIG DEAL.” Not much of a phobia, huh?

So much for fear of touching girls?

Jirou and Subaru’s Status

Jirou and Subaru seem to be getting along rather nicely, which is nice because at least Subaru isn’t at his throat all the time like the main female lead usually is in these kinds of romantic comedy anime. That said, while Subaru is supposed to fall under that tsundere archetype, it’s very hard to call her one. She isn’t afraid of showing how insecure she can be, even around Jirou. She also hasn’t hit him as far as I can remember. With the harem soon to grow larger, with Kanade being in the fray as she revealed this episode, things will prove to be interesting as they tangle in with Jirou and Subaru’s relationship.

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