Sacred Seven 04 – Demon of the School Fair

Don't be fooled, nothing of importance really happened.

「学園祭のオニ」 (Gakuensai no Oni)
“Demon of the School Fair”

As soon as the episode started, I already started to get filler vibes. But then I thought, “Nah, Sacred Seven would go all filler on us on just Episode 4, would it?” Unforunately that was the case here. Nothing important actually happened. Well, I suppose there are a few things, otherwise there wouldn’t be much point of this post.

School festivities, ahoy!

School Festival Shenanigans

The episode happened to open up with a classic JRPG cliché of the main character waking up beinglate for something. That aside, while I gave a rather negative opening statement in this posts, it wasn’t to say that I disliked this episode. It was rather enjoyable to watch, but with no character development, plot progression or at least the return of one of the newly introduced characters, it felt weird to watch. In any case, a bunch of people were helping out at school to get ready for the school fair. It would be Ruri’s first school fair as Chairman of the school, and Kagami is ready to make sure nothing goes wrong. Also, interestingly within this episode it was portrayed that Ruri had feelings for Alma, which I was ready to criticize because that came out of absolutely nowhere. It’s only at the end of the episode we find out that she’s been drunk on love potions the entire episode. Also, it’s great that Ruri smiled for once.

Um, obvious much?

Wild Darkstone Chase

When I saw one of those snakes, I figured that Knight would be in this episode, but unfortunately he was nowhere to be seen this week. So there’s this snake Darkstone around school that’s turning everything into stone within the wake of its path. Hellbrick senses this and tells Kagami about it and decides not to tell Ruri about it and decides to handle it on his own. But how? Operation Mirror Force! NOTE: “Kagami” means mirror in Japanese. He gets out a very Gundam-looking guntank and starts chasing the damn thing across the entire school without a care in the world if he’s seen. And then there’s that little “omg wakana saw alma in his sacred seven outfit” scare, but I’ve seen enough anime to know that she’s going assume it’s cosplay and think nothing of it.

Also, it seems that Ruri keeps cheaper spares available just for training purpose. I mean, it only cost 140mil yen. No biggie, right? Anyway, it seems that these stones have time limits as the suit ran out of power at an important part of Alma’s fight with the Darkstone. Oh and then the Darkstone turned into a bomb and then it blew up in the sky and I knew it was going to turn into fireworks and it bloody did, and I was all like: “Oh for Christ’s sake!”.

PREVIEW: They're hittin' up the beach next episode. Huh, beach episode. Huh.



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  1. When all looks grim, pop in a beach episode. That’s great, don’t you think? Oh, and thanks for linking to me in the related articles thing. It’s appreciated, if unexpected. 😀

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