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Mayo Chiki! 11 – Nyu!

Um. Yeah...

「にゅ!」 (Nyu!)

Hmm. Yeah, this episode was all over the place. I’m not even gonna do a full writing for this episode . I’m saving that for the last episode. (I actually haven’t got the time, either.) However, I did get what I wanted: for the story to shift back to Jirou and Subaru but even then, I was still disappointed? Am I a hard person to please? No. I’ve pretty much don’t have much patience with this show, as I feel like I won’t be getting anything out of it at the end.

The only actual thing of note that happened in this episode is that Konoe was relieved of her butler status, not because people found out she was a girl, but because she failed to protect Kanade when she fell down the stairs. I MEAN, REALLY. OH PLEASE.