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[3L Pro] Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Episode 1 Clip – “I’m A Zombie!” [PREVIEW]


Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Fandub Preview


So, in case you didn’t know, I make fandubs, and put a lot of work into them. I’ve got an upcoming fandub clip of a scene from the first episode of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? and this is just a preview of it. Featuring the voices from members of the Voice Acting Alliance (VAA). Sound effects and music were added by myself. The soundtracks are from Hexyz Force and God Eater.


Aikawa Ayumu :: TriPredRavage

Haruna :: Ayame

Giant Crayfish :: TheCheetoBandito

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? 01 – Yes, I’m a Witch.


Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

「はい、魔装少女です」 (Hai, Masou Shoujo Desu)
“Yes, I’m a Witch Girl”

Hands up whoever thought this show was going to be somewhat like Highschool of the Dead only crapper because of Studio DEEN? I certaintly did…minus the Studio DEEN bit. So, I’m covering for InstraClassic again before I watch Thursday’s anime. It’s gonna be a real quick post, though.

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